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Mark Bodenheimer Lexington, United States of America
Proto_Dust for Firefox 3.0*

Firefox Themes 9 comments

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Apr 09 2009
I found out that you need to have the Lucida Grande font installed to fix the bookmark text issue. - Feb 09 2009
I see what you mean. The menubar has a gradient in my latest release and the statusbar issue is fixed. I'll have to work on the bookmark text issue. I don't have that problem using Gnome in Fedora. What OS or distro are you using? I'll also have to figure out the darkness issue on the toolbar colors. I used Kcolorchooser to match the Dust theme colors but I guess they're slightly off. Stay tuned for my next release, but please try the latest release.

Thanks for the input,

HaMMeR=GoM= - Feb 09 2009
Can you please post a screenshot here at Gnome-Look and I'll see what I can do. - Feb 09 2009
Fixed in latest release. - Feb 09 2009
dust scrollbarsmod

GTK2 Themes 12 comments

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Oct 13 2008
Could I ask for a fix for your theme to support the Gnome global menu hack...please.
The menu shows up on the dark panel but not the name of the application.
Thanks in advance.
Hammergom - Oct 15 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 42 comments

by dbera
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Jan 17 2008
I use this all the time...great work, thanks.
I was wondering if there is any way to skin it. I would like to change the background color from red to say blue or black. It would be nice to be able to change the icon in the kicker also. I've hacked the the icon but it's still ugly, maybe if it were a png or svg instead it would scale better.

Thanks in advance,

HaMMeR=GoM=iPwN - Jan 18 2008
"The Black Pearl" AWN Theme

AWN Themes 3 comments

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Jan 10 2008
Most of them can be found here:

And here: - Jan 10 2008
Humanoid - OSX - Dark

Metacity Themes 21 comments

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Jun 27 2008
Great work.
I'd love an Compiz Emerald theme version of this...hint, hint:-)



- Jan 05 2008
SmoothWeather Screenlet

Conky 26 comments

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Dec 12 2007
I'm sorry to say that it doesn't work with screenlets version 0.7...sigh :-(

This is what I get:
ADD: SmoothWeatherScreenlet
import_and_create_screenlet: SmoothWeatherScreenlet
Unable to load '/usr/local/share/screenlets/SmoothWeather/SmoothWeatherScreenlet .SmoothWeatherScreenlet' - cannot import name ListOption
Class SmoothWeatherScreenlet not found.

I installed it to /usr/local/share/sreenlets


HaMMeR=GoM=iPwN - Dec 12 2007
This is great...I really wanted a local radar widget.
Might I ask, will this work with screenlets version 0.7?
If not, is there a guide or documentation for me to make it work?

Thanks in advance,

HaMMeR=GoM=iPwN - Dec 12 2007
Google Maps Screenlet

Conky 12 comments

by Whise
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Jan 26 2008
I hate to be a bother...but unfortunetely I use Fedora Core 6 and use Sceenlets version 0.7 and for some reason I'm unable to get the latest version of Screenlets working on my system. Anyway...would it be possible for you to release a version of your Weather widget that would work with Screenlets version 0.7. I'm certain many people would like that.

Thanks for you great widgets,

HaMMeR=GoM=iPwN - Dec 06 2007
Really nice.
I was wondering would it be possible to do a Radar in Motion screenlet?
One that would show your local radar weather.

HaMmeR=GoM= - Oct 21 2007

KDE Plasma Screenshots 5 comments

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Aug 10 2007
Thanks...the font is HandelGotDLig - Aug 30 2007
It's mod is here.


HaMMeR=GoM= - Aug 26 2007

Full Icon Themes 32 comments

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Apr 18 2007
It's's my current theme. - Aug 13 2007
No that's not normal. I used the same buildscript as the Milk icon theme here at KDE Look.

Can you install the icon theme?

Try downloading the Milk icon theme and see if it builds.

My only other suggestion would be to ask on the Kubuntu forums because I'm no code guru apologies. - May 23 2007
Just out of curiosity try making a new folder, name it whatever you like, copy the 128x128 folder, the buildsst, and the index.desktop into this new folder. Check to make sure that all of the PNGs are there.

Open a terminal in this folder and run ./buildset. - May 22 2007
The build script depends on 'convert', which is part of ImageMagick.

Please make sure that you have ImageMagick. - May 22 2007
That's how the original script was written. I didn't want to overpopulate the set...but all you have to do is find a 128x128 kmenu.png on the web and replace the one in the apps folder before you build the set.

Do a google search...should'nt be too hard to find. - Apr 10 2007
Try the mirror download for this icon theme and Aqua_Project,

I tried two different NiCo_Project I replced the paper plane outbox with something like the folder_inbox but with the arrow pointing up. IN Aqua_Project I simply gave the paper plane a little more shadow and a slight yellowish tint.

Please tell me which you prefer...and make any other useful suggestions.


HaMMeR=GoM= - Apr 10 2007
I kinda doubt it...I made it for KDE.

Sorry - Apr 10 2007
I see what you mean...working on it and some other improvements. - Apr 09 2007
The build script depends on 'convert', which is part of ImageMagick - Apr 06 2007
HandelGotDLig - Apr 06 2007

Full Icon Themes 39 comments

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Apr 18 2007
Yes it is for KDE and...

The build script depends on 'convert', which is part of ImageMagick.
- May 28 2007
That's for a good make it look like the OSX toolbar.

Something everyone should realize is that you can mix and match...just find an icon you like from another theme and replace the ones you don't like...then run the buildscript :-) - May 22 2007
Thanks :-)

The font is HandelGotDLig - May 01 2007
MrPez...It would be way in depth to tell you how I made it look like this.

If there is interest I could upload my modifications and maybe write a simple tutorial.

Simply put...Baghira, KDE's OSX menubar and KXDocker...all modded by me. - Apr 10 2007
Thank you kind sir...I'm trying Filefront :-)


HaMMeR=GoM= - Apr 10 2007
I don't know what to tell could be a corrupted download or a problem on your system.

I just downloaded, built, and installed the set with no problem or errors. - Apr 09 2007
Link should be working again :-)

I wish someone would over me better hosting than DeviantArt...sigh :-( - Apr 09 2007
Please don't get me wrong...I like Gnome and Xfce but with a little effort you can make KDE look like just about anything ;-) - Apr 08 2007
It's KXDocker with an ObjectDock background called Tempered Glass that I ported.

thanks ;-) - Apr 08 2007
Need to get some things sorted...all apologies.

Need better hosting :-) - Apr 08 2007
It's fixed now...sorry.

I wish there was a way to also post just the updates. - Apr 04 2007
Aqua_Project for Gnome

Icon Sub-Sets 20 comments

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May 21 2007
I'm glad you like it :-)

I have no problem with a port.

Please credit the artists, myself included and a screenshot in your Gnome would let others know how it will look.

That was simply a don't have to do anything if you don't want to.

You have my

Anything to help Linux look good is good friend - May 21 2007

Full Icon Themes 32 comments

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Apr 18 2007
I am sorry to hear this...the problem is that I'm no coding guru.

Please check the pngs when you unzip them...if all of the pngs are there maybe I can figure out if it's a buildscript problem.

Also, I was wondering what Linux Distro you are using?

I will upload the files again, but everything works ok when I download them.

I download the files with is possible that the browser you use can corrupt the download. I have seen that happen many times.

Hope we can figure this out...all I can do is try.

Please try and download at least one of the sets with a different browser...thanks. - May 04 2007
Just downloaded, built all four problems.

Wish I could help but nobody else is having this problem.

It has to be on your end...sorry. - Apr 29 2007
Sorry to hear that you're having problems.

It's the same buildset script used in several icon themes.

The only thing that I can figure is the download must have got corrupted.

try dowmloading from the mirror instead. - Apr 24 2007
I will upload my mods here :-)

If anybody wants them...feel free to use them...cheers - Apr 15 2007
Beryl port of Susumu's Eternal.

It's on Beryl's site under's called Eternal Fedora, works good with Ubuntu Human color scheme. - Apr 10 2007
Thanks for the comment.

I only created a small number of these icons and I'm proud of my creations.

The truth is that most of the icons in these sets are by Everaldo, Louie Mantia, Sergio Ruiz, Mike Moschini, and Jonas Rask who graciosly granted me permission to edit and assemble them into these KDE icon themes.

I only claim to be the editor and contributing artist.

If you would like to find something very similar for Mac please look here:

Aquasoft is where I and many others get our inspiration. - Apr 08 2007

Full Icon Themes 28 comments

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Apr 18 2007
First...Thankyou :-)

Second...yes it's KXDocker, but I keep it simple.

Only use calendar,clock,tray and trash plugins.

I turn off the highlight glow and set animation to bounce.

Look around...there's another setting in preferences to make it work with beryl. - Apr 27 2007
Yes...I saw that :-)

I'm glad most people seem to like these sets.

If anyone would like to port them to Xfce or especially Gnome...feel free to do so.

The KDE port was enough for - Apr 10 2007
I just googled Baghira and then followed the author's tutorials. - Apr 04 2007
45 Amarok w/controls

Karamba & Superkaramba 4 comments

by beany
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Apr 25 2007
Much appreciated Beany...thanks to me

being such a pain in the bum...ROLF

Now it's perfect...GREAT JOB :-)

In Your Debt,

HaMMeR=GoM= - Apr 25 2007
45 Amarok

Karamba & Superkaramba 4 comments

by beany
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Apr 25 2007
Thanks Beany...just what the doctor ordered :-)

One question tho...were are the controls?

Like play...etc. - Apr 25 2007
old amarok vinyl

Karamba & Superkaramba 17 comments

by beany
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Apr 25 2007
Great work Beany :-)

This was on my wish list also.

Have you ever seen CRNI's version?

My only request would be a smaller version

and art from CRNI'S version. I can't

remember the link but CRNI made the

original for Samurize. - Apr 25 2007
Livid - Iconset Preview

Full Icon Themes 15 comments

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Apr 25 2007
These are perfect!!!

Wish I had your talent :-) - Apr 14 2007

Full Icon Themes 9 comments

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Apr 12 2007
I like it a all means keep working on it.

You have a lot of talent and taste.

Can't wait to put om my system...cheers - Apr 12 2007