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Blah diBloob

Nautilus Scripts by alexibaba 67 comments

This is awesome... Thanks

Will it be possible in future Versions to add the Artwork to the ID3-Tags?

Could you please implement a Checkbox to open and edit the Pic with e.g. Gimp before applying it?

Would be great and IMO useful.

Thumbs up :-) - Nov 03 2010

Cursors by KuduK 10 comments

I didn't notice...

Thanks :-) - Jan 28 2010

Cursors by KuduK 10 comments

...would be even greater if it were white :-)

Pleeeaaaaze... - Jan 27 2010
my Mouseclick-Behaviour!

I don't know for 100% but youre package is the only one I installed today so far.

After a reboot I recognized that Files open with a Singleklick.

I never used to open Files with a Singleklick.

I wasted 10 Minutes to find the Option in the Settings of Nautilus...

BAD! - Mar 02 2009