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Michael Rudolf

Audio Apps by Vegeta 87 comments

Thanks Vegeta for the quick answer. Maybe it is worth having this as a configurable option in a future release? - Dec 25 2010

Audio Apps by Vegeta 87 comments

Is there any way to make QtGain pass the -p flag to mp3gain for preserving file timestamps? Is there a config file I can edit?

It's a bit annoying that my music server shows my gained albums as new...
- Dec 23 2010

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by dbrownlees 138 comments

just to clarify: my comment was on the window decorations style, not on the widget theme (I didn't find a genuine entry for the windeco to comment on, only entries for the rpm packaging of it). - Oct 22 2006

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by dbrownlees 138 comments

...with great usability. Unfortunately it is missing the standard "mouse wheel action on title bar" feature of other KDE decos: I configured it to maximise/restore on mouse wheel/up down, but mouse wheel is ignored.

This is about the only complaint I have with this deco. Thanks for the great work! - Oct 22 2006
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 499 comments

Hi mart, Tasty Menu is great software and has even more potential. I like it very much!

What I don't like:
It's slow - doesn't even print the characters I type while it is busy searching
I find the 3 column layout not intuitive, may be intimidating even to new users. 2 columns should be enough.
It should better search in comment *and* description fields of applications.

Do you know the "baghira starter" application that comes with the baghira theme? If not, please have a look at it. It's nice and fast, if not as feature rich as tasty menu. I'm sure the author will be happy to discuss ideas and algorithms, as he wrote the starter as a prototype for others to pick up.

Baghira theme:

Some starter application rationale: - Oct 19 2006