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Craig Ozancin

ODF Presentations by BrinovaJagoda 7 comments

Thanks for the great template.

The Hawk - Jan 02 2008
horse power

Wallpaper Other by napy84 3 comments

How is this an Amarok theme? - Jul 26 2007
KDE Logo by masta64

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by masta64 6 comments

It look good to me. I don't understand the negative comments here. Everyone to their own tastes.

The Hawk - Jun 21 2007
rain wallpap

Wallpaper Other by nuvon 2 comments

Subject says it all - May 18 2007
Rainy Soundscape

System Sounds by drowe859 22 comments

Good job on these. I don't mind the long start and end.

I hope you add more to it. - May 07 2007