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Hjelp Bergesen
Firefox addon for kwallet KDE4

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Oct 17 2014
My explanation is redundant. All you need to do is to locate the file: "KDEWalletStorage.js" in .mozilla/firefox/<somestuff>.default/extentions/kwallet@guillermo.molina/components and modify the source code like described above.

The plugin should work when the changes to KDEWalletStorage.js are saved. - Oct 12 2014
The file you open with FF is:
firefox-kde-wallet-2.4.xpi - Oct 05 2014
Enter these commands in your terminal:

mkdir plugin
cd plugin
svn checkout

Edit this file: xpi/components/KDEWalletStorage.js
Find this section:
    init: function() {
this.log( "init() Start" );


change the first line to:
    initialize: function() {

save and exit the text editor.
In the plugins/ directory, follow the instructions in the file: BUILD

You don't need to create the tarball.
After you've done: `make archive`, open the file that was created one level above plugin/ in firefox and it will install the working plugin.

NOTE: you need the following to perform these steps:


Good luck.
- Oct 05 2014