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Nov 02 2013
warning: no newline at end of file

Your compiler seems have a problem with lack of line return at end of file.
Try to add one at the end of this file.
- Nov 11 2013
Thank's you, but your have the bug with the last version ? - Oct 27 2013
For point 1 I undersate, but for others :
2. Could you indicate on this snapshoot which space should be reduced :
3. Smooth-Task references = parameters ? - Oct 12 2013
It's a problem with CMake and your config.
Could send this file :
/smooth-tasks/build/applet/CMakeFiles/plasma_applet_smooth-tasks.dir/link.txt - Sep 22 2013
Strange, i have the same configuration and i don't reproduce the automatically positioning problem.
It could dependent of your options, could you send me this file :

For manual positioning, it seem's to be a plasma limitation but I'm not sure. - Sep 22 2013
I was not sure, thank's for your report - Aug 24 2013
This command just restart plasma manualy, it replace logout from KDE. The informations printed in the console are just log, after plasma started, you can close the console session.
- Aug 24 2013
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` - Jun 29 2013
I haven't test kde 4.11 yest.
Could you try this command in a console : plasmoidviewer smooth-tasks
- Jun 29 2013
I'm a Archlinux user.
Do you prefer use my repository ?
On svn:// you cas find the last release of this plasmoid. So you're no need to update your PKGBUILD for each release.
- Feb 14 2012
I updated the source to correct this. - Feb 12 2012