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Bobby Gill
Drakfire Black

GTK2 Themes by drakfire 68 comments

Your Firefox theme is fantastic, really well done! However it seems that the tab bar is limited to one row, and I have Tab Mix Plus add-on already set to 5 as a long-time preference-- could you possibly modify it so I can get my rows back? Or instruct as to how I could, greatly appreciated! Thanks - Dec 12 2010

GTK2 Themes by MCesare 12 comments

I absolutely love this theme, it is one of the best dark themes I've ever used, and I am very picky. I usually wind up changing all sorts of little things in a theme, but in this one I haven't touched a single thing, it really looks fantastic all-around. Great, great job! - Jul 02 2009

Full Icon Themes by magnussuther 33 comments

Nuff said, can't wait for a full theme! This one is amongst the elite themes for sure. Great work! - Oct 04 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by Mandarancid 10 comments

Is there any possibility of you putting this set out in red or orange, etc.-- some different colours? I'd be using this theme for sure if it was in a different colour. I know it's a lot of work, just putting it out there though.. again, excellent, one of the best icon themes ever without question. - Aug 31 2008
New Wave GDM (Arched)

GDM Themes by roccostorm 2 comments

Arch user here, loved the Ubuntu original of this and was hoping someone would churn out plain one. Wonderful to have it Arched ;) Thanks!! - Aug 31 2008
Elegant Dark Flat Grey

GTK2 Themes by herbster 5 comments


I actually don't pay attention to any QT app colours as I only use Amarok and rarely Opera, and amarok in the background at that, sorry :(

I used to set the colour settings in kcontrol by just kind of copying the colour settings from the gtk to the colour settings in kcontrol. - Aug 20 2008
Elegant Dark Flat Grey

GTK2 Themes by herbster 5 comments

And good work on the dark green variant, I will very likely use it soon enough when I feel a change ;) - Aug 06 2008
Oxygen-Refit 2 - White Version

Full Icon Themes by deviantdark 27 comments

That would be great, I look forward to any updates! :) - Jul 15 2008
Oxygen-Refit 2 - White Version

Full Icon Themes by deviantdark 27 comments

I am using this theme, and the fact that you have made different colour versions makes this easily the best icon theme on this site or any other that I have seen. Really, this is a beautiful set of icons!

I have a request, since I'd like to use this theme for a long long time to come, I'm wondering if you could possibly add in a mimetype for file with extensions of .gp3, .gp4, .gp5 and .ptb? These are files for tuxguitar (guitar tab files), if you could pop in a little guitar icon or something, that would be perfection! Or if not possible or you choose not to, could you elaborate how I could do it? (I have never modified any icon themes.)

Again, kudos! - Jul 14 2008
Palladium Icons

Full Icon Themes by cagwait 5 comments

These would be great if you could make a full theme :) :) Really nice looking icons! - Jul 13 2008
Oxygen-Refit 2 - Black Version

Full Icon Themes by deviantdark 45 comments

Excellent work, super sharp and well done friend, this is certainly content that stands far out from most else on this site... great job!!! - Jul 08 2008
Aurora BB

GTK2 Themes by Amma 6 comments

I'm curious, any way to fix the right-click menu in thunar from having to hold the button down if right-clicking on a file/folder?? I'd like it normal as click and let go and menu stays... - Jun 11 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by Mandarancid 14 comments

Hey there I absolutely love this icon theme, I am just curious as to how far along you are in creating an gnome icon theme? Looking forward to it, your work is greatly appreciated.

Thanks! - Mar 14 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by Mandarancid 14 comments

You must make a full icon theme out of these. Just incredible, incredible! Congrats on the job very well done. I am sure many requests will pour in, so get a gnome icon theme going already ;) :D - Jan 10 2008

GTK2 Themes by greasedbolt 5 comments

I stuck with MireV2 Grey for a long time as it was just perfect, but I felt like a change for the new year and this one is it! Really fantastic theme friend, great work! - Jan 02 2008

GDM Themes by jmariani 1 comment

This is really nice. I would recommend you change the fonts to white and something more futuristic/terminal-style, as the current font really takes away from the steely feel of the login and doesn't match. Then it would be an even better theme! Great work. - Dec 30 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by iamFIREcracker 50 comments

Awesome! I can't wait to see what you can come up with, thank you so much :) - Dec 08 2007

Fluxbox Themes by pllb 2 comments

friend this a wonderful theme. I'm a beginner guitarist and that wall is real nice, care to share good sir? :) :) - Dec 03 2007

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 41 comments

Great theme, lyrae. I'm wondering which option in the .gtkrc file can change the colour of a button when it's pressed? I tried changing a bunch of different ones but none had any effect. - Dec 02 2007

GDM Themes by jmariani 7 comments

As an obsessed Simpsons fan, this is just great. I would recommend you take out the quote, though-- a clean GDM with just the x-ray of Homer and login would be perfect. - Dec 02 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by iamFIREcracker 50 comments

First of all, thank you for making it!!

As for how to have gnome recognize it, wow I am not sure. To be honest, how about just putting it in every possible way? For example the typical mimetype I see in the icons folder is: gnome-mime-application-pdf.svg. So why not make a bunch of them like:



I apologize if I'm not the most helpful as again, I am not familiar with creating icons/themes at all, but hopefully we can figure this out :) - Dec 01 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by iamFIREcracker 50 comments

I have been going through every black/black-white type theme here and these are the best ones by miles, they are just so clear and visible on my grey GTK theme :)

I am completely clueless on any theming/image editing work, and I'm wondering if you can please make an icon for the .gp3 and .gp4 extension, with the icon saying "Guitar Tab" or even "Tab," as it would be for tuxguitar and guitar pro tab files. I use these all the time and it would make this set truly complete for me :) Thanks so much if possible! Great work. - Nov 28 2007

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 41 comments

I love your underlying minimalistic tone, it's so soothing and makes for a relaxing desktop. - Nov 04 2007

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 15 comments

Thank you, made it 12 and she's great now! :) - Oct 29 2007

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 15 comments

I'm using this theme, loving it!

Curious how to change thickness of scrollbars?? I've tampered with the gtkrc file but nothing seems to work :( They're just a bit thin as I'm a big scrollbar dragger :D - Oct 28 2007
avi & mp4 converter

Nautilus Scripts by TuTUX 8 comments

This is a great and VERY much needed script, you have done good work friend.

One thing, I just ran it to test and if you hit cancel on the first menu to choose format, the next dialog box still shows up to select bitrate. No biggie for me but I know many linux users can be anal, so perhaps want to fix it so that cancel means cancel :) - Sep 04 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by biohazardousguy 8 comments

Get a fan holmes, you need to cool your shit down ;) - Aug 30 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by djaany 156 comments

Definitely the best icon theme I have ever used. I have loaded others that are really spectacular as well, but I always click right back to Buuf, it's just too sweet :D Thanks! - Jul 25 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by prowler1 5 comments

As Ned would say, fandiddlyastic!! Just love it-- a perfect blend for dark themes, as I am using :) :) - Jul 21 2007
Ninja Ubuntu logo

Icon Sub-Sets by SSteel 7 comments

Ok I have tried it but it doesn't work. I only have /usr/share/icons/gnome, so I am doing it from there.

The icon there is start-here.svg, and this is .png, it's not working to replace. Any idea to convert .png -> .svg ?? Cannot in Gimp :( - Jul 20 2007
Ninja Ubuntu logo

Icon Sub-Sets by SSteel 7 comments

That is really nice, will go very well with my theme, but how do you install it? - Jul 20 2007
Aurora black

GDM Themes by Kurumin 15 comments

This is fantastic work friend, very sharp looking and perfect for me as I love the dark themes, so here's a GDM to go with it :) - Jun 28 2007
Murrina GrigioProfondo

GTK2 Themes by Argirox 12 comments

PERFECT! I have been looking for so long for a dark grey/black with orange theme that actually leaves my OpenOffice and other apps looking right and not messed up like so many dark themes do, and this is it. This is a great theme, I have finally found the right one, thank you so much! - Jun 10 2007

Full Icon Themes
by jcubic

9   Dec 12 2010
Drakfire Black

GTK2 Themes
by drakfire

9   Dec 12 2010