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Hesham Wahba
Plasma 4 Extensions
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Plasma 4 Extensions 11 comments

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Jun 22 2008

libitl is the Islamic Times Library (I'm guessing at the acronym here). You can find the source packages at:

As you are running SuSE you might try asking some of the other members where they got their packages (I use Debian), or you could compile directly from source. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. - Aug 01 2008
Prayer Times Plasmoid

Various KDE Stuff 9 comments

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Jun 22 2008
I agree that there should be a plasmoid section here. Is there anyone we should talk to about this? This app should probably be shared between the two: application and plasmoid categories to be honest. In any case, I will extend this in the future to be both application and its plasmoid. Any way something can be cross-posted to appear in two places if appropriate? I guess it could remain as an application and the keyword plasmoid would bring it up for those searches. But since KDE being ported to Windows and Macs without the plasma desktop layer I'll definitely want to make part of this an application.

Hesham - Jan 17 2008
I guess I went ahead and did this anyways. Still not sure how much this buys us however code is a bit cleaner and will work on improving it a bit for later. - Jan 16 2008
thanks for the feedback. I intend to look into splitting this up, still learning about plasma, but one consideration on splitting up into a dataengine is whether that part will be ported to windows and osx, I'd like to also make this a regular app so that it can be run standalone on those platforms too. - Jan 14 2008
Thanks. I have a few more features left, and I hope that some of the rendering problems go away as the video drivers and plasma mature, the same problems I see I see in other applets as well. Will keep updating here though. Thanks again for your comments. - Jan 12 2008