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David  , United States of America
Zen Times

Cairo Clock by hesperaux 4 comments

Thank you for this comment. I'm glad you like it! It's good to know that it still gets downloaded even when it's on one of the last pages in the search. ;) - Jan 23 2011

GTK2 Themes by hashar 5 comments

This theme is one of my favorites. I modified it for a while to make it green instead of blue. Using the blue right now. Thanks very much for this theme. One thing that's great about it is that OpenOffice uses its light icon set instead of the high contrast. Not sure why, but dark themes cause OpenOffice to use a horrible high-contrast black icon set. It's unusable for me.

This gives me the mostly dark look I want with everything still readable. - Dec 06 2010
The Quickening Project

Full Icon Themes by TheReplaced 9 comments

Definitely want to see more icons like this. I like dark stuff. I would only suggest a little bit of bright colors in your icons to highlight their darkness. That may sound strange but I think it adds lots of character, and makes them more recognizable to the eyes. - Jan 12 2009
Da vinci revamped

Cairo Clock by intensely121 1 comment

I think the numbers should be black. Nice job, though. - Jan 27 2008

Cairo Clock by hesperaux 4 comments

Thanks man. I fixed that. It should be correct now. - Jan 27 2008
Time Warp Redux

Cairo Clock
by Balena

9   Jan 23 2011