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Pidgin Naiads Tray for Pidgin 2.7

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by hiok
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Jul 17 2010
Glad it's working for you.
There's a delay in the posting, the packages were already fixed. Just remember to put the extracted 'hicolor' directory inside '/usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/tray/'. - Jul 18 2010
You are right, thanks for the notice.
Indeed it is Saturday and I've been drinking some beers ;-)
Now I've packed both within the same file. Enjoy.

And I should also notice this is not my work at all, I just updated zima's package. Kudos to them. - Jul 17 2010
Pidgin Naiads Tray

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by zima
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Nov 25 2009
Ok, it wasn't hard. The only caveat is it's not working inside ~/.local/share/pixmaps/pidgin/tray. You have to install the hicolor directory inside /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/tray/.

The new package is here: - Jul 17 2010
Since version 2.7.0 Pidgin is using GtkStatusIcon. I guess this messed up the old scheme.

If you're using that version, just take a look at the standard <prefix>/share/pixmaps/pidgin/tray and see if there's a 'hicolor' directory in there. Take a look at it, and see the new scheming.

I'll try to adapt the Naiads to it (the icon naming have changed too) an upload it if I succeed.

BTW, thanks zima for putting up such a nice job on this one. It's been my favorite for a while now. - Jul 17 2010

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Feb 20 2010
Indeed those are remarkable.
I wonder could you tell the gtk theme you're using? It really goes well with those window decorations!
Thanks./ - Feb 23 2010
Any Color You Like

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by switzak

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Oct 05 2012