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Ameeya Sharma , Germany

I love the way your theme looks. Its just that I cannot customize anything. I tried going into gtkrc, editing the lines to menubar-green. Once I did this, I re-archived the whole Linsta folder, and dragged and dropped in the themes folder. Is this the right procedure to follow?

Thank you for any help. - Jan 30 2007
Crisp Clear Morning

GDM Themes by penseleit 12 comments

Very Simple, Modern and Stylish login. The best GDM theme on this site, period.

Thanks for the great job.

Is there a certain splash screen and/or background you use on your computer, to go with this login theme? - Nov 28 2006
Hi...just wanted to say, great work, I love this theme and use it all the time, its just that with the black background, the FF Menu Bar is not readable, because of the black text on black background. Is there a way for me to fix this?

Thanks for the help! - Nov 27 2006