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Hunter Private , United States of America

Gnome Shell Themes by satya164 4 comments

But is there a chance you would make the menus in the top-right less transparent? It makes it harder to use them if I open them with a window maximized. - Jan 25 2012
Sunny-colors Dockbarx theme

DockbarX Themes by bigrza 2 comments

I really like your theme, but I don't really like DockbarX. Do you think you would ever make a GTK2/Metacity theme that looks like this? - Aug 02 2010
Shiki-Human Semicompact

GTK2 Themes by Psykosis 3 comments

I'm liking the theme, although I'm mainly using it for the window borders. I know that this is an old theme, but is it possible for you to tweak something for me(I'm nitpicky)? It cool if you don't. - Jul 21 2010
Plymouth Hemi 'CUDA Rusty

GTK2 Themes by AresRog 20 comments

I didn't notice that the theme was alittle old until after I posted my comment. Thanks for still improving it, the theme looks really good. - Jul 19 2010
Plymouth Hemi 'CUDA Rusty

GTK2 Themes by AresRog 20 comments

It's a nice theme, but there are some things wrong with it. Mind if I critize? If these things were fixed it would be my default theme.

1. The menu doesn't match with the panel; the words "Place" and "System" are unreadable.
2. The area under the window border should match the window border itself. There should be a seemless transition between them.
3. When in Nautilus the left-hand side of the window is completely purple. It shoud be the same as the rest. - Jul 11 2010
Ubuntu Studio - Startbutton

Various Gnome Stuff by duke86 4 comments

What theme are you using? - Jan 27 2010
The file isn't there anymore :( - Jan 27 2010