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Michal Suchanek

GTK2 Themes by gyg 13 comments


I was looking for a simle theme and tried this one.

The selection in dropdown list is invisible

I chaged it to #60. was #ea which is the same as text.

bg[SELECTED] = "#606060" # Metacity Bar

The selection is quite indistinct in edit fields so I picked more distinct colors for it:
base[ACTIVE] = "#051017" # Menu active item in inactive window
base[SELECTED] = "#444444" # Menu active item in active window

- Aug 07 2013

GTK3/4 Themes by hramrach 6 comments

The WMaker style is included, it's just not as easy to install as the gtk themes are. - Jun 19 2011
What if kittens want Linux too?

They should look at some non-Ubuntu I guess :p - Jun 18 2011