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Kai Krakow Bremerhaven, Germany
Firefox addon for kwallet KDE4

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 153 comments

Score 83.8%
Oct 17 2014
Please have a look at

When this plugin is installed and activated it may crash firefox during startup on some platforms. This crash happens right after typing my wallet password. - Aug 06 2010
rekonq Web Browser

Browser 290 comments

by adjam
Score 79.2%
Jan 12 2014
I think this isn't a feature of rekonq itself. It's a feature of kwin's new window grouping feature.

You should be able to enable this behaviour by enabling auto-grouping in kwin's settings and set rekonq to use new windows instead of new tabs.

PS: I don't use rekonq but the combination of both settings should do the trick. It will enable tabbed titlebars for all applications. - May 10 2010
Root Actions Servicemenu

Dolphin Service Menus 225 comments

Score 86.2%
Aug 06 2017
Yes you are right. It happens from the command line, too. But at least it's no show stopper. - Mar 12 2009
This is totally useful and convenient... Thanks. Works flawlessly with Gentoo, just some umlauts are b0rked in German dialogs. - Mar 11 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by mjmccans

Score 76.9%
May 16 2010
Score 58.0%
Dec 13 2009
Root Actions Servicemenu

Dolphin Service Menus
by kubicle

Score 86.2%
Mar 11 2009