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Rune Jensen
"A Plan for World Domination"

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Oct 01 2006
I used POVRay to render this scene. The world map is a hightfield made from a real map where continents are white and the sea pitch black. - Oct 01 2006

I think it is difficult to get the texture on penguins right, and therefore decided to go for robots instead.

I will make a 1280x1024 version later today. - Oct 01 2006
"Captain Tux"

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Oct 09 2005
That is a coincidence, and there are also other “captain”-wallpapers in addition to ours. Sorry for picking an unoriginal name for my wallpaper. - Apr 27 2005

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Apr 12 2005
I used POV-Ray, which is 100% free and a very powerful tool once you learn how to use it. Highly recommended. There are also very good guides on the internet on how to make fake water etc. - Apr 15 2005
Thanx. I did this one on my old computer, and it took almost 3 days to render. - Apr 14 2005