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Apr 09 2010
Ok, forget that coment: the package seems to work just fine and icons size adapts accordingly.

Still great theme. - Feb 21 2008
Will you realease a small version of 1.0? still links to - Feb 21 2008
Great to see v1 , congratulations mate.
Installing right away !
Cheers. - Feb 21 2008
Still crashes.

Anyway to create a diff file to compare with before-previous upload?

I'll provide a list of apps; still crashes when clicking on "Internet" menu. - Jan 26 2008
Well, i realised after a reboot that now this theme makes my gnome-panel crash.
If i click on the "Applications" panel, and go to internet section, gnome-panel crashes.
I tried anyother theme: no crash.

any idea? :P - Jan 23 2008
Mate, i really love that theme.
Keep up the good work. - Jan 22 2008
Thanks for fixing trash.
All is good for me now. :) - Jan 16 2008
Well, i've sent a private message to you via your profile actually :) - Jan 15 2008
First, this is a great theme.
Been looking for this type of theme for a long time, and i think i'll stick to it accordingly.

Tho i have small "bug" with my bin:
the icon looks ok when empty, but it seems to use another icon when full.

I'll send an emain to you (title: "Elementary bin bug")

Thanks for this theme ! - Jan 15 2008
Murrine UPDATES (themes)

GTK2 Themes 3 comments

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Feb 05 2008
Great news, i've always used themes based on your engine.

Cant wait for the "RGBA event" :p

I'm not sure its the place to ask this, but i've read you waited for a proper configuration tool to be coded to start publishing anything: is this configurator done yet? - Feb 05 2008

GDM Themes 12 comments

by Seppe
Score 58.6%
Jan 30 2008
Really nice; well i like minimal themes.

Could be nice to have a wallpaper using the same fonts and colors , with some geek jokes text in it, or some futuristic useless vector stuff !

- Jan 30 2008