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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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Apr 25 2013
Yep a 8600gt. Shadows look strange & ugly on inactive windows (I'll try without transparency/fade to see if that helps).
OTOH shadows are fixed now, thx for the quick fix. - Jul 28 2011
Hi. Just upgraded to kde 4.7.0, and got the new shadows.
Problem is that plasma popups get shadows, and makes them look ugly, especially if they have an "embedded" shadow.
Pease see here:

Could we get an option to enable/disable shadows on plasma popups? Or is that not quite feasable?

Thank you, again, for the great job you've done with this :) - Jul 28 2011
hi, there's a slight inconsistency if using vertical gradient for the window style, and some window border in the deco settings, in this case base border (7px wide): the window decoration doesn't get the gradient from the style for main windows. Note it looks right on dialogs
dialog window:

Main window:
note the lighter base window border. - Sep 24 2010
that comes from the fact that i like the way sunken, connected buttons look with UNO, and the whole look kinda becomes inconsistent in the tabbar... - Sep 11 2010
Yup, and shape maybe? (just like the buttons have the option of being rounded like the combobox, or not) - Sep 11 2010
currently on 1228 (probably missed some :) ) and i like the way dolphin looks now :) (apparently no more inverted docks :P )
I'd like the same configuration options for the active tabs as there are for the buttons / droplists, but i don't know how hard that is to implement - Sep 11 2010
Since your last commit log says you're waiting for complaints, I think it should be configurable at least... :)
(I, for one liked the "broken" behavior of the dock/places view) - Sep 05 2010
same problem here, solved by editing hacks.cpp and removing the "../" in front of bepointer.h in the includes. - Aug 18 2010
now i've seen that you've fixed exactly this :) - Jun 04 2010
forgot to mention, it doesn't happen with any other style. - Jun 04 2010
since the latest 2 or three revisions i've noticed that dolphin uses a lot of cpu, even when it should be idle, as long as the window is shown. also the crumbs flicker (the two seam related) - Jun 04 2010
so far it seems to be solved. thanks for bearing with me. - Oct 04 2009
upper half is ok, lower half shows the problem. - Oct 04 2009
yup, gradient, sorry for not being clear about that.
now I made a shot showing the problem. - Oct 04 2009
Well, it appeared again. It seems to be the other way round, if I start amarok with the normal toolbar it gets the wrong gradient, but if it's started with toolbarNG and then I switch to the normal toolbar it gets painted right. Hope this helps.

P.S. I'd like to provide a backtrace, but unfortunately that implies a lot of recompiling :( (gentoo, everything compiled without debugging info) - Oct 04 2009
hmm, strange.. just changed back to the default toolbar in amarok(from toolbarNG), and now it looks ok..(previously it didn't react to the change) myght have been a glitch, sorry for the trouble :(, and thanks anyway. - Oct 04 2009
I see a slight halo (probably focus coloured, it's very desaturated), also text gets bolded.
This is how it looks: - Oct 04 2009
nope, just bespin from svn, so I thought maybe something in the style changed. I guess I'll have to live without the fancy toolbar until it gets sorted one way or another :P. - Oct 04 2009
well I was asking because now I get white text on white'ish background. (my window colour is a light grey anyway).
Might it have anything to do with changes from qt 4.5.2 to 4.5.3 (or a change in latest svn)?
(previous svn with old qt was ok) - Oct 04 2009
got a question about the background colour of the "hacked" toolbar: which colour defines it (with previous versions of bespin it was a dark grey gradient, now, on my setup, it's ligh grey)? - Oct 04 2009
that's the least i could do ;). thx for a great theme - Apr 15 2009
forgot to mention, qt 4.5 - Apr 15 2009
on latest svn with kde 4.2.2 the tabbar background in konqueror is completly transparent. - Apr 15 2009
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