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ifoolb saint

GTK3 Themes 221 comments

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Mar 04 2020
Hi, thank you for these wonderful themes. Do you still have themes like Gnome-OSX-V-Traditional? I'm more a fan towards elementary style than MacOS, and that theme without transparency, of which the menu selection highlight is the best! That slightly deeper blue highlight is better than Mac's light blue in my opinion. - May 04 2019

Full Icon Themes 762 comments

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Mar 22 2020
By now basically all lang standing, important, commonly seen Linux applications are covered. - Jul 25 2018
+ - Jul 25 2018
Thank you. You're a great artist. These icons remind me of the days when I was using blackberry. I'm just not a fan of flat stuff. - Jul 04 2018
Add emacs please, just this one. - Jul 03 2018
La Capitaine

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Feb 17 2019
Well, I was actually asking you because I thought you were a native French speaker. I was learning French but later switched to German because French pronunciation was too hard for me. But I'll pick it up again in future. Thank you for setting up a Fedora repository so it just updates with the rest packages. - Jul 18 2017
La capitaine looks like french to me, but after I looked it up in dictionary I found capitaine be a masculine noun, so why does it have an article "la"? And, great icons of course. - Jul 18 2017
Arbeit-MATE Weiss and Shwarz

GTK3 Themes 11 comments

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Jan 06 2017
Looks like my mistake. Moved it to usr, and it worked with these applications. - Feb 11 2017
Older applications aren't themed, such as Calibre, Audacity, audacious, including google's android studio if using gtk theme. I guess it's because they use some obsolete theme interfaces, but I've never got into gtk theme technologies myself. - Feb 02 2017

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Sep 13 2017
Nice theme,only one problem with gnome3.10.When I selet items with a chooser,rows that pointed by the mouse pointer,if the scroll wheel scrolled,rows pointed previously will remain light blue,and will become normal when got pointed again.That behaves odd,I think. - Jan 05 2014
Zukitwo Cupertino

Gnome Shell Themes 19 comments

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Dec 17 2013
Nice theme.But I suggest adding gnome 3.10 support. See,It matches gnome shell 3.10 very well except the menu,which is still black with cupertino installed. - Dec 08 2013

Full Icon Themes
by Cybernix

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9   Jul 25 2018
Windows 8 GTK

GTK3 Themes
by sinner59

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9   May 24 2015

Gnome Shell Themes
by utivis

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9   Apr 12 2015