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GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Jan 13 2012
Hi. This theme is just the dark variant from the original Gnome 3.0 theme. I can't help as I don't have a computer anymore so I can't test. It's actually surprising that it still somewhat works.
You could try fiddling with the gtkrc and the other (gtk3.settings or something like that) files. Or maybe see if there's a dark variant in current Gnome and do as I did with this one. - Aug 14 2014

Full Icon Themes 15 comments

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Aug 14 2014
Thanks for the report. I added the smaller icons. I have no computer anymore so I kept the bigger mail icon as it is as I don't even recall why I did it this way (probably because it was the icon I had found at that size and wanted to keep the quality). - Aug 14 2014
(more than a year later) It was the MediterraneanNight theme, I think. - Aug 14 2014
Hi, thank you.
I'll write to them people.
BTW, I've uploaded a Faenza based theme at
(not saying that's good, but at least it covers the lack of one based on that icon theme). - Apr 15 2012
I'll look at it, thank you. - Mar 01 2012
Hi, try this link directly

For some reason, Chrome asks me to login to Google to see it but Firefox didn't. So it may be something cookie related (confirmed by deleting all * cookies it doesn't ask to login). - Jan 18 2012
XFWM - Minimal-gtk

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 4 comments

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Oct 12 2012
Yep, I think you're right.
Maybe I got confused because of Chrome (that uses its own close buttons and has tooltips) or IceWM that I use sometimes too.

Anyway, the colors works well too and we get used quickly. - Oct 28 2012
This theme is definitely great. Congratulations!

But I don't mind 'compromising' the style a bit with tooltips (on button hover; at least I would like to try to see how it looks); do you know how or if I could enable them? - Oct 14 2012
Faenza Fresh

Icon Sub-Sets 44 comments

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Jul 12 2011
Read attentively the description and you'll find how to use Faenza-Dark. - Oct 20 2012

Gnome Shell Themes 7 comments

Score 67.1%
Sep 07 2011
Thank you for your kind comment. - Sep 07 2011
That's a nice picture indeed. - Aug 11 2011
I like it too ;-) Credits go to half-left.
The default gnome-shell theme lacks contrast in some places and this one is nicer.
But the default gnome-shell theme is superior in some things to the original deviantart theme so I tweaked it. - Aug 11 2011

Full Icon Themes 215 comments

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Oct 27 2019
Hi, you may want to add libreoffice symlinks too. For instance:

libreoffice34-base.png -> ../../../128x128/Zimages/roll-hand.png
libreoffice34-calc.png -> ../../../128x128/Zimages/hand-piegraph.png
libreoffice34-draw.png -> ../../../128x128/Zimages/document-picture-paintbrush.png
libreoffice34-impress.png -> ../../../128x128/Zimages/presentation-stick.png
libreoffice34-math.png -> ../../../128x128/Zimages/calculator-piegraph.png
libreoffice34-startcenter.png -> ../../../128x128/Zimages/newspaper-book-pen.png
libreoffice34-writer.png -> ../../../128x128/Zimages/ink-fountainpen.png - Aug 09 2011
Gnome Shell Old Steampunk

GTK3 Themes 19 comments

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Aug 19 2011
See - Aug 09 2011
Equinox GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes 257 comments

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Apr 27 2011
The issue with Firefox seems to be not with Equinox but with Firefox itself (version 4.0 beta 6). All other GTK themes have the same problem:

The Midori issue I confirm it's just with Equinox (not its variants) so when this theme is updated maybe it could have an rc file just for Midori (unfortunately currently I don't know how to do it by myself). - Nov 01 2010
See if this can help: - Oct 31 2010
These themes are great but I have two issues and I hope even if titheum can't help maybe someone else can.

1) There's the issue with numbers not appearing in Firefox's font menu:

I think this is the one that would be fixed with userChrome.css but none is supplied in the downloads.

2) In Midori's side panel, the list of extensions are in a very light gray. Even lighter than the "grayed out" (like if disabled) plugins. This happens only with Equinox:

Equinox Evolution or Equinox Light behave properly with it:

Any help is much appreciated. - Oct 31 2010

Full Icon Themes 595 comments

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Sep 05 2017
Never mind. I guess it could be lxde-logout that should point to system-log-out instead. - Oct 31 2010
Hi, in case you still work on this maybe you could add a Software Center icon with the Debian icon instead of the Ubuntu one. Then if the user chooses Debian for the start-here icon the software-center icon would default to Debian as well.

Thank you. - Oct 27 2010
LXDE's logout button currently points to stock-exit
If you think it would be ok you could create a link to stock-exit from application-exit

Thanks. - Oct 25 2010

Full Icon Themes 41 comments

Score 67.1%
May 20 2010
Thank you! I used Lila a lot in the past, I really liked it (and still like). There were one or two icons that were missing so it's good to know you made your version for it.
Actually I just set the 'ghost' version for my root account and it seems you completed the missing ones. - May 13 2010
Yes, that line worked!
That's very nice really. I'm not bothering much on understanding how these things work (like the iconsets have a basic color but they are kind of changed 'on-the-fly') but it's working fine and is very useful to customize the desktop looks.
I used already Humanity colors in another installation I have along with this one.
The original Humanity colors is 'invalid' for MagIcons but Humanities-G works. Tok-tok works too but Lila-Ubuntu is getting an invalid status too.
Thank you. - May 08 2010
Hello alexibaba. I used the Ubuntu .deb to install in my antiX system which is Debian sid based. It installed fine since the dependencies have the same name in both Debian and Ubuntu.
But when trying to run it it gave this error:
antix@antiX1:~$ MagIcons
/usr/share/magicons/MagIcons:711: Warning: 'with' will become a reserved keyword in Python 2.6
File "/usr/share/magicons/MagIcons", line 711
with open(filepath, 'wb') as configfile:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

This offending with in the code is present in line 1223 as well.

The version I installed was 120508-MagIcons_0.2-0_all.deb

Maybe you should fix the script or is it a problem in my side?

Regards. - May 07 2010
MPlayer skin - embUtronium

SMPlayer/MPlayer 20 comments

Score 63.3%
Oct 26 2008
Extract the package to ~/.mplayer/skins then choose the skin from within MPlayer's preferences. - May 11 2010
Red Humanity

GTK2 Themes 15 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 24 2009
Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful gtk themes I've ever seen. I'm using it for a while now and I DON'T want to change it. - Apr 18 2010
Elegance Ice

Ice-WM Themes 4 comments

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Aug 25 2007
Adesso che IceWM 1.3.6pre2 (Debian) finalmente supporta i gradienti di nuovo...
Questo tema non è nuovo ma è un altro bel lavoro tuo.
Congratulazioni! I tuoi temi fanno IceWM bello ed elegante. - Jan 05 2010

Ice-WM Themes 4 comments

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Sep 27 2010
Never mind. I made them.
This theme is really good. - Dec 22 2009
Hi vslash, did you make the rollup and rolldown buttons?
If yes, could you please upload them (they're missing from the themes)?

Thank you. - Dec 21 2009
This theme is really good looking and everything seems to be in place.

Thank you. - Dec 18 2009

Ice-WM Themes 5 comments

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Nov 26 2009
Qui sono i link per i pacchetti di iceWMCP di SUSE 11.2:

Ed una buona notizia: non bisogna più sostituire (EXPAND+FILL) per EXPAND | FILL
(già è fatto). - Dec 18 2009
Grazie tante! Già ho marcato come favorito il site.
Il mio italiano non è perfetto ma posso capire un pò e Google viene in aiuto.
Andrò a provare i suoi suggerimenti. - Dec 18 2009
This theme is very nice.

I saw that it was created using Icepref2, which is part of the Icewm control panel suite. I tried to install it (Icepref - the theme works fine - I'm using antiX/Debian) but saw that both its python code as well as the gtk references are too old so it doesn't work.
I'm not a programmer so I don't know how to re-write it. Are you using Icepref2 in a modern system or did you create this theme some years ago? If you're using it now, how did you manage to make it work?
Thanks and have a nice day. - Dec 18 2009
White Humanity

Full Icon Themes 62 comments

Score 64.5%
Mar 28 2019
Actually there are just a few broken links (that had absolute links instead of relative). Here's a list that maybe will help you fix them Magog64:





display capplet.png



*Thank you for this excellent icon theme. - Nov 17 2009

Ice-WM Themes 1 comment

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Nov 28 2007
Hi, thanks for the theme. Using Breathe dark, the workspace buttons in the taskbar are black with black text so I can't see them.
I tried to look at default.theme but it seemed that it was white taskbar with grey text (?).

### Buttons ###


### Taskbar ###

ColorMinimizedTaskBarAppText="rgb:8f/8f/8f" - Nov 04 2009
XFWM - Minimal-gtk

by spayder26

Score 71.7%
9   Oct 14 2012

Full Icon Themes
by tiheum

Score 85.4%
9   Oct 27 2010