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Enrico Gasparini

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

In nautilus information panel, for standard folders, is show the icon of a folder with a plus sign on it (the same used when dragging files on a folder) instead of the simple "opened folder" icon - Sep 25 2008

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

I agree :) Emblems would be even better, as they'd provide a way to differentiate these icons that the new icon theme guidelines have flattened without the need to find a language independent string for each :) - Sep 20 2008

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

I understand this is a "strange" request, but I'll try anyway :) Even tought the gnome icon guidelines have removed them, some temes (like the ubuntu human one) still contains the icons necessary to differentiate different optical medias, usb media, network shares etc. I noticed that, when using these themes, the icons are still used in gnome even if the guidelines doesn't contain them anymore..

Would be possible having this kind of support in gnome colors too? I mean, having an icon for cd-rw, an icon for cd, an icon for usb-hd etc? I know these are a lot, but this little differentiations are the only thing I miss from the human icon set :'( Saved for this, gnome colors is THE BEST icon theme I found for gnome...way better than the default theme and even of the standard tango IMHO ;) - Sep 20 2008
Tango Gaim Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by PingunZ 22 comments

You made an amazing work! Thanks ^_^
Would you please mind making different typing and status-typing icons? With the latest gaim beta on win these icons are hard to see...

The typing and has typed are hard to distinguish, whilst the status-typing are so little you don't understand it's a keyboard :)

The ICQ flower symbol is also a bit too little compared to the others

Besides, it's the best theme I've ever seen ^_^ - Feb 16 2007