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Ivan Lezhnjov Jr. Simferopol, Ukraine
Compiz Themes
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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by eko20
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Aug 10 2005
Sorry, for English ^_^ , but I can read German, but never seemed to build sentences grammatically correct in German...

Ich hoffe sie haben keine Einwände )

> Ich finde die Idee wirklich gut. Daran solltest Du weiter arbeiten

Yes, Finck's right. This image looks incomplete and you should (if you want/can, of course) take some more pain to work on it and make something complete and stunning :)

> unter KDE ist der Metal-Look (welche Variante auch immer) der einzig echt gute.

I agree, Metal-look is a very attractive theme and KDE unfortunatelly lacks it today. There's GNOME's very nice variation of metal theme GNOMetal. It's got very nice set of icons, I love it much, but it never seemed to easily adopt it for KDE. Although, I enjoied that theme while I've been using XFCE (but it's GTK+2 based and it perfectly skins itself into GNOMEtal)... Well, I just want to say I miss KDE-Metal environment :) - Aug 11 2005
True Colors

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Aug 04 2005
No, really. It's quite simple (not plain!) and original. It's not bloated, but there's some sense in it.

I think this image will manage to stay at least one week on my Desktop (others can't last even one day! :) )

Thanks, once again ) - Aug 06 2005
I love it, looks pretty and very cute.
Thanks! - Aug 05 2005

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by Xuur
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Aug 04 2005
Sorry for duplicates... I just noticed that I made a misprint and wanted to fix it... - Aug 05 2005
Looks fun :)
What software did you use and how much time did it take you to create this picture? - Aug 05 2005
Looks fun :)
What software did you use and how much time did it take your create this picture? - Aug 05 2005
KMenu sidebar image for Slackware GNU\\Linux 10~

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 3 comments

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Jul 19 2005
Thank you!

It's a joy to realize you find my work useful and great for you.

I'll probably do as you recommend and create several more KMenu sidebar images with traditional Slackware "Courier" alike font.

This one is a bit complicated to get what the writing actually is at the first glance. Some say it is a drawback. I personally like when things ARE NOT simple, when it takes you some effort to figure out what it really is. One more point to that is that you click that KMenu button quite often and it becomes a little quest of curiousity for you - to figure out one day that strange writing (which on suspicion is something related to Slackware ^_^ ) The day you'll get it, you'll enjoy it even more. In case with a distinct and readable writing it's good 'cuz you can understand what's been written, but you just give it a look, and forget about it.

I'll do what you ask, but this complex and "odd" writing should remain the default one. It emphasizes angularity of the Slackware's logo, and looks just cool.

Thnx, for your comment!

Keepin' on slackin' =) - Jul 30 2005
Thnx, looks nice, chap :D - Jul 19 2005

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Jul 20 2005
Nice, GIMP is good as hell :) - Jul 23 2005
What kind of software do you use to get the effect? - Jul 22 2005

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Jul 21 2005
This one I love it.
Thank you. - Jul 22 2005