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Andres Kaaber

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Jul 20 2009
What I wanted to say is that the .bin and lib files aren't copied to this directory after make install. - May 01 2007
Hi wanted to try out this program as it seems quite nice. It compiled fine and I was impressed if after running make install the icon appeared on the desktop :). But I could't run it from /usr/edyuk
[anz@kaaberibm edyuk]$ ./edyuk
application edyuk not found after trying :
[anz@kaaberibm edyuk]$

but edyuk.bin is in the directory where I built it. - Apr 29 2007

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Jul 13 2005
What beatiufl place. I'd give anything to go there :) - Jul 14 2005
SIM Instant Messenger

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Mar 05 2007
I have to use http proxy to connect to network a'la http://cache:3128 but sim cant connect:
When proxy host is http://cache
11:00:58 [DBG] Connect to proxy HTTPS http://cache:3128
11:00:58 [DBG] Connect to http://cache:3128
11:00:58 [DBG] Start resolve http://cache.
11:00:58 [DBG] Socket error Can't connect to proxy (65537)

says error and can't connect

When proxy host is cache
11:02:20 [DBG] Start connect
11:02:20 [DBG] Connect to proxy HTTPS cache:3128
11:02:20 [WRN] Proxy::connect_ready in bad state
11:02:20 [WRN] Proxy::connect_ready in bad state
11:02:20 [DBG] Socket error Can't connect to proxy (0)
11:02:20 [DBG] Wait reconnect 60 sec

tries to connect but can't - Jul 30 2004

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May 08 2005
WOW :) great installer!! 2 things 1. When installing, on the left side it says "Arkollon- The Greek god ... " is it then arkollon or apollon :) and second, it's not a big deal but when the installer configures the script and there is a missing library you have to push back button and next to reconfigure. It vould be great if there is a "recheck" or smt. button next to View Log file?? - Jul 30 2004

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Jun 08 2004
This is "must be" in kde 3.3 - Jun 09 2004