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Pedro Araujo Chaves Junior Taguatinga, Brazil

GTK3 Themes 121 comments

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Nov 15 2011
I don't know if this is “the correct way™” to do this, but here goes:

(I changed some paddings to match Epiphany here on my machine—the differences I spotted might be related to the size I set for the UI font (Cantarell Regular @ 10pt).) - Jun 03 2011
One more change, inspired by the Epiphany browser:

We're getting there! - Jun 03 2011
Turns out there was a way!

Two issues to go and I think we'll have a near-complete FF4 theme. ;) - Jun 03 2011
How about this:

I've also fixed a slight tab label shifting when the throbber appears.

Unfortunately I have no idea as to how to consolidate both styles in a single .css file. There are also two other issues I couldn't fix:

  • Try creating enough new tabs to overflow the tab bar, then pin a couple of them.

  • There's no border between the unselected tabs and whatever is immediately below them (either the nav bar or the content area).
  • - Jun 02 2011
    I’ve tinkered around with your CSS and arrived at this:

    How does it work for you? - Jun 02 2011
    add this to .tabbrowser-tab[selected=true]:

    z-index: 1 !important;
    position: relative !important;

    Then create this selector:

    .tabbrowser-tab[selected=false] {
    z-index: 0 !important;
    position: relative !important;

    As for Aldabra, it’s amazing! I hope it makes it to upstream soon!
    - Jun 02 2011
    Faenza Fresh

    Icon Sub-Sets 44 comments

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    Jul 12 2011
    Logged in just to reply to this:

    But I couldn't find the latest version; shouldn’t be too hard to recreate it from this, though. - Apr 20 2011
    Ambiance/Radiance corrected

    GTK2 Themes 26 comments

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    Mar 15 2010
    Yeah, that's LocationBar². :) - May 10 2010
    You can find a download link here: - Mar 15 2010

    I'm not even sure I can reproduce that here. How did it happen? (I mean, how did you install the theme, what (if ever) had you done to the theme before the update, things like that.) - Mar 12 2010
    As before, that’s because you’ve tried to install my version just after they’ve updated theirs again.

    Try installing mine now, before they do it once again. Just bear in mind that their next update will likely revert my changes, so you would have to wait either for my merger or (one can hope) for theirs.

    Until then, it’ll be a cat-and-mouse for us. :) - Mar 11 2010
    Well, since they provided the original button graphics for Ambiance, I just tried to fix the trough beneath the buttons.

    My version of Radiance is more complete because I had to redraw all the buttons, after all. - Mar 11 2010
    Hey, it wasn't me, but the ubuntu-artwork guys—I’m only fixing their metacity themes.

    Anyway, now the scrollbars are drawn by the (murrine) engine, and the old pixmaps were dumped. - Mar 11 2010
    Hey, thanks!

    Some hope is better than no hope… :) - Mar 11 2010
    Oh, I forgot to mention this: add the PPA indicated in the URL below as a software source: - Mar 11 2010
    Whoops, sorry!

    The link should be fixed now; please try downloading again. - Mar 10 2010
    Equinox Variance (previously Radiance)

    GTK2 Themes 26 comments

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    Sep 01 2010
    Top notch quality here, sir! Thank you very much!

    Now, where's the .deb and the PPA? ;) - Apr 06 2010

    KDE 3.5 Themes 54 comments

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    Dec 24 2007
    Hey, nice to know people still like this!

    Thank you!

    I never thought Edge would endure this long, but it seems KDE 4.x is doing it wonders… :evil: :P - Mar 11 2009
    Whoa! Coming from you, that's a huge compliment!

    Thank you! - Apr 28 2008
    I agree with you completely, except that I do like my panel… :P - Mar 26 2008
    I honestly just don't get why this theme has such a high rating.

    In all honesty, to be really frank, me neither… I occasionally drop by and out of curiosity I check the number of downloads, only to be be surprised because it has been steadily (albeit slowly) been increasing since I posted it.

    You're right, I only put together the work of others and made little effort on doing so. But you can trust me that I didn't vote myself good (can I? I haven't tried :P)… what gain would I have? See my other contents: I am not an active member on KDE-Look nor do I intend to be one. I just share what I think others might like.

    I am surprised also because I didn't make a .kth file because I was lazy (and still am :P), yet people keep downloading and voting...

    I sincerely don't know why nor what, but these numbers must mean something, and I guess I can somehow feel a bit proud for that… at least for now… :)

    it looks ok, […] there is nothing inherently wrong with that

    Thank you, really!

    There are so many themes, much better than this one, that deserve this spot and the rating. Such as Azenis […] if you want a good light theme, look just a few spots down at NuoveXT2.

    If you imply that effort is the main requirement for a theme to be rated good, then I'm doomed. :)

    Seriously though, let's see: wow, that Azenis must have been tough work! It's really great, although I still prefer light-colored widgets. As for your theme, that's a matter of taste, as is the case with every piece of art here and elsewhere.

    • Widget style: QtCurve (by CraigD) is really awesome! As for the colors, I myself don't like coloured widgets very much (even though I'm experimenting with this kind of stuff right now); for me, Domino and QtCurve are so great rivals that I'm often uncertain of which one to use :)
    • Window decoration: I'm not in love with that, either; it's cool, but for me, less is more
    • KBFX theme: Looks very nice, but I don't like/use KBFX (I really prefer Katapult and a custom KDesktop menu many times over)
    • Icon theme: NuoveXT 2 icons (by saki) are great, but I like Everaldo's Crystal Project much better
    • Wallpaper: I never keep a wallpaper for more than three days… :) Eos (by Vlad Gerasimov of Vladstudio) was chosen for the color, so that it fits with the general icon theme colors, and because it does look great; your wallpaper choices are great, too (I have that yellow green one here in my collection, thanks! ^_^)

    But then that's just my taste, and it appears it is a couple of other people's, too. Let them be ;) - Mar 25 2008
    Well I did it mostly manually: I copied the folder of the set found here (the newest of the two), and opened it side by side with the one from the Freespire repositories. Then, for each icon category (i.e., apps, filesystems, devices, and so on), I checked whether icons from the oldest were better than or missing in the newest.

    For example, if I found that I should get icon apps/foo.png from the oldest to the newest set, I'd do something like this:

    cd $newest_set_folder

    for i in ??x?? ???x???; do cp $oldest_set_folder/$i/apps/foo.png $newest_set_folder/$i/apps/; done

    But, for the life of me I can't remember which were all of the icons I copied over. Just remember that not all sizes have all the icons, making the job a bit more troublesome. There must be some easier way of doing this, though. ;)

    Well, we still have the option of asking Everaldo to do the merger himself, I guess. :) - Feb 28 2008
    Yes they are, and that's why I merged them; as for uploading, I'd have to ask Everaldo first, then find a host he approves of.

    And thank you! - Feb 11 2008
    What .tar.gz are you referring to? The tarball I provided contains the instructions to apply the theme and some other files — the icon theme isn't included. It is Crystal Project by Everaldo, as you can see in the README:

    You can get either one; they should install just fine. I actually downloaded both and merged them, since one has icons the other one hasn't and vice versa.

    On the other hand, if you've been having problems with Everaldo's tarballs themselves, I'd suggest you to contact him directly.

    Thank you for your interest on the theme! Should you have any more problems, feel free to ask away. - Jan 28 2008
    If you extracted the tarball to your home folder, the theme files are already in place (they go to specific directories inside your ~/.kde folder). All that's left is to follow the instructions in the README file to apply the theme.

    If it still doesn't work, please comment here. - Jan 14 2008
    Yeah, that's Domino, as I say in the readme. - Dec 25 2007
    Hmm, I use Crystal 1.0.5 as my window decoration. See

    Latest Domino is 0.4, ok. - Dec 04 2007
    From that screenshot I assume you have a rather old version of the window decoration... What version number do you have there? - Dec 02 2007
    Can you consider the option which beech differs in the colors of the windows decorator?
    In order that it has different appearance among firstly and background applications. Though I don't know that color to say to you.

    Well, I recall having lightened the inactive window title text color, but if that isn't enough for you, you could go to 'kcmshell kwindecoration' and remove/change the overlay for inactive windows.

    And one thing too: Look Konqueror panels corners in split view mode in first screenshot, they aren't rounded. In kate, the corners are OK.

    Actually, that isn't split view mode, but rather Konqueror's sidebar; as for the corners not being rounded in Konqueror but rounded in the text editors, that's because Domino's text areas have round corners, whereas its widget for Konqeror's sidebar and main panel doesn't.

    Thank your for this style!!!!!!!!!! I like it very much!!!!!!!

    Thank you! - Oct 15 2007
    ...or you can download the updated version... ;-) - Oct 11 2007
    Whoa, thank you very much! :-D - Oct 11 2007
    Well, Polyester can't do that, but you could use Crystal (here:

    First, get this picture:

    Open/create the kwincrystalrc file in ~/.kde/share/config and put this in it:


    Replace $OVERLAY_PICTURE with the path to which you saved the above picture. Save the file and apply Crystal as your window decoration. - Oct 11 2007
    That's Myriad Web... I think I can't legally provide a link, but you could check the README file... ;-) - Oct 11 2007
    Hmm, don't know what happened, but it's there now. - Oct 11 2007
    Yes, now there's one... sorry for not having included it before.

    Anyway, thanks for your interest! - Oct 11 2007

    Alright, now I have to find time to finish the merge (that should be about next Tuesday) and get Everaldo's permission... - Oct 10 2007
    Elegant Brit

    GTK2 Themes 283 comments

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    Mar 16 2008
    Just check my comment on the previous page :) - Sep 19 2008
    For those GNOME users that want that cool multicolored clock panel applet, try this:

  • Fire up gconf-editor

  • Navigate to /apps/panel/applets/clock_screen0/prefs (I gather you might find something different from clock_screen0, but you should have no trouble figuring it out)

  • Set the value of the format key to custom

  • Set the value of the custom_format key to " <big><big><b><span color="#80A4B2">%d</span><span color="#C4D1D7">%m</span><span color="#FEFFFF">%Y</span> <span color="#A13D25">%H</span><span color="#BA6B42">%M</span></b></big></big> " (without quotes — the extra spaces are for padding)

  • I'd also ask fmrbpensador for the actual colors he used… :-) - Aug 26 2008
    Kde4 Stargate

    Wallpapers KDE Plasma 6 comments

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    May 13 2008

    How about using Kabel.ttf from for the “KDE 4.0” text? Then it’d be even cooler.

    If you’d allow another suggestion, I’d repeat the whitish highlight in the top left corner of the background on the bottom right too, for symmetry. - May 13 2008
    Gimp 2.4 splash screen

    KDE 3.x Splash Screens 5 comments

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    Apr 15 2008
    I'm not in love with the lettering, but the backdrop is stunning! Congratulations! - Apr 15 2008

    Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 21 comments

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    Apr 11 2008
    Congratulations for your work so far! KDE 3.5 certainly deserves that! - Apr 03 2008
    KDesktop Menu

    Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 115 comments

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    Jul 09 2006
    I have a chekinstall-made Kubuntu package for this applet lying around here. Is anyone interested? - Mar 12 2008
    Hmm, I had to install libkonq4-dev in order to compile it, but then it was only a matter of adding the "KDesktop Menu" applet to Kicker. - Mar 12 2008
    KDE time-affected/seasonal backgrounds

    Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

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    Mar 01 2008
    That would be something like

    dcop kdesktop KBackgroundIface setWallpaper "$path_to_wallpaper" $mode

    , where $mode is an integer. - Mar 12 2008
    BC Tango KDE

    Full Icon Themes 36 comments

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    Jan 08 2008
    Nevermind, all systems nominal now. ;) - Feb 27 2008
    I keep getting a 403 (Forbidden) error when I try to download the package from your site. - Feb 26 2008

    KDE 3 Color Schemes 4 comments

    by glad
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    Mar 27 2008
    As you can see, they are much better on a beige background than on that dull gray background that is the standard in KDE4.

    I beg to disagree — but then again, it's just a matter of taste. :)

    But what I wanted to ask is: what are those fonts you use? - Feb 27 2008
    Crystal Project

    Full Icon Themes 125 comments

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    Aug 11 2009
    I like the mockup background very much! Could you share it?

    Ah, too bad it is just a mockup... :) - Jan 31 2008

    Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 17 comments

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    Jul 06 2007
    Now this is a dark theme I'd try... Congratulations, sir! - Oct 11 2007

    GTK3 Themes
    by ceramicm

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    Jun 03 2011
    Score 53.3%
    Apr 06 2010