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KillBang Wow!

GTK2 Themes by darkmusic 24 comments

Good start, I personally like where it is headed.

A few things to fix that i think will make it flow better.

1. The title bar is rather lacking. If you were to remove the black line between it and the rest of the window. That way it blends together so that it looks like its molded in with the window. I find this much nicer looking.

2. The title bars text is too big. Its nice how the title bar is slim but the text is to over powering i think. Maybe move the text to the center too.

3. How does it look if you were to remove the glare on the brushed metal?

4. On the panel the window list filled with buttons (applications) does not flow well with the panels background. ie the buttons background gets very light then it cuts off to the really dark background on the panel. I think this is a problem for most stuff, like my sys tray items backgrounds are darker then the panels background. Also in programs the icons can be darker then the background.

5. The part that i circled in red at this image seems to not fit in well either, how about if you were able to make it so it looks like a transparent box is covering the brushed metal background instead.

Other then these problems i noticed its very good. - Nov 06 2008

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 46 comments

Looks really nice, thanks. I do have one problem with the pannel, either the image one or just the brown one with taking over the background of the shutdown window. Like this, - May 03 2007

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 46 comments

Any way we can get the image you used for the top bar in beryl, metacita etc for our Gnome pannels? maybe something for both a top and bottom pannel? - Apr 11 2007