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Franck QuĂ©lain
KDE Plasma Screenshots
Noatun Skins

Utilities 7 comments

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Mar 08 2006
Perhaps can you work with the creator of Televidilo software to use the same backend : - Mar 08 2006
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Dec 15 2004
I totally agree !
Konqueror need to be re-think (?). It is a good file-manager and a good browser but by being both of them now its configuration dialog is very badly organised :(
The web configuration conflicts with file management one. So both of them are inergonomic. - Apr 05 2004
You are welcome to participate on it again.
I kept the name as we planned in our mail-conversation :)

Thank a lot for the first version. - Feb 25 2004
Pinguino of the peace

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Mar 15 2003
Have you the original one ?
Gimp or Photoshop or whatever, I want it :) - Mar 15 2003
Konqueror/kdesktop suggestion

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 18 comments

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Mar 13 2003
Don't do this.
Lot's of people use konqueror out of KDE (WindowMaker, FluxBox,...) and they don't need kdesktop.

Nautilus manage the desktop and I HATE this ! When Nautilus crash, all my desktop crash :( When I want to use both Gnome and KDE I can't start Nautilus in KDE or it crash kdesktop. I can unactivate it but I want it on Gnome.

Really, really bad idea - Mar 13 2003
KDE 3.1 and Garbage in love :)

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

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Feb 15 2003
I use this and the "purplehaaze" blackbox style - Feb 16 2003

Various Stuff 1 comment

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Jan 22 2003
You can put it in the noatun skins section because noatun support xmms skins - Jan 22 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 43 comments

by fault
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Jan 18 2003
Works very fine on my Mandrake9.0/1.
Thanks a lot - Jan 18 2003
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff 86 comments

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Oct 27 2002
Why do you (and all the guys with the menu shots) want to put schedulter, time, mail checking in the menu ?

The systray bar or apllets are made for that :(
I don't want to open the menu to check my mail !!

All this idea are REALLY bad and not ergonomic. You have good ideas but think of the utilisation.

You don't you put konqui in the menu to chek for new theme in kde-look ? This is as stupid as puting all your goodies in the menu :( - Oct 22 2002
Alt-Clear Color Scheme

KDE 3 Color Schemes 5 comments

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Sep 11 2002
It is not a good idea to work as root everytime :(
Bad example for new linux users - Sep 11 2002

Wallpaper Other 26 comments

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Sep 08 2002
This is the big problem of kde-look : It became the place to put all and nothing from bootsplash to XP wallpapers :(

I think we the arrival of , the bootsplash themes and the non-Kde wallpapers need to go there :(
The KDE themes can stay here and perhaps be mirrored in themedepot ?

- Sep 08 2002
Keramik style kside

Various Stuff 8 comments

by beorn
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Jul 01 2002
Plop ? :) - Jul 02 2002

Noatun Skins 7 comments

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Jun 27 2002
pan ! pan !

(private joke) - Jun 28 2002
Keep the KDElook at work

KDE 2 Themes 29 comments

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Mar 11 2002
Long life to wmcoincoin !

\o/ Yes !!! - Mar 04 2002
Young Jedi Theme - thanks Ayo73

KDE 2 Themes 25 comments

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Feb 24 2002
I also use gkrellm but mine doesn't appear on the taskbar.


Start it like this :
kstart --skiptaskbar --alldesktops --skippager gkrellm

Then select it and press Alt-F3 to bring up the "kwin menu"
Select store the configuration

When leaving KDE select "Keep session in the next connection"(or something similar 'cause mine is in French ;)

After that, gkrellm will be automaticly started at the position you let it and will not appear in taskbar (unlike this of the screenshots)

Ayo roxor !!!! - Feb 26 2002

KDE 2 Themes 10 comments

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Feb 16 2002
From a friend :

Hij is vrij.
Als hij Spaans will spreken kan hij. Engels is geen unieke taal als ik weet.

(Mijn vertaal is een approximatie ;-)

- Feb 17 2002
Il est libre.
Si il veut parler en Espagnol c'est son droit.
L'Anglais n'est pas la seule langue, que je saches ;)


He is free.
If he want to speak in spanish, he can.
English is not the only language if I remember ;)


Es libre
Si quiere hablar en espa - Feb 17 2002