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Nick Argyle
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Apr 15 2009
As creator of Smoke, feel free to include the panel image as the default background in this theme if you feel so inclined.
Just a short credit would be fine if you want to use it!

Great job with this theme btw. It matches the panel very well, and I am glad to see you enjoyed it so much as to tweak your theme for it! - May 03 2009
Smoke - a gnome panel bg

Various Gnome Stuff 8 comments

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Feb 20 2009
Glad you like it. - Feb 25 2009
You can set the transparency of active and non active windows by going to compiz settings manager -> trailfocus -> appearance. - Feb 22 2009
The wallpaper is from desktopography's 2008 collection: - Feb 21 2009
BSM Suite

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Jul 08 2009
Awesome, now I can use my custom panel bg.

The theme is awesome. It is extremely clean, simple, and easy on the eyes.

This will probably be my theme for some time. - Feb 20 2009
NuKrystal Blue (Preview)

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May 03 2009
I will make the whole set over the next few weeks if people like the concept. - Dec 29 2007