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Basant Mudalgi
KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
sunbeam and moonshine

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 29 comments

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Feb 13 2006
mm sorry ... didnt read ur comment properly the last time around... ill check with the compilation problem.... but well, the linux touch thing is still a bit, u know, unclear. - Feb 17 2006
Native linux touch?...could u elaborate?
And Drinkable?...i assume by that you mean it should support little aswell as big endian?
please please explain - Feb 15 2006
Hmm... another one for a window(managed) mode?
well ok... will do that :). Global key support, hmm... ill look into that one too... but one can connect global shortcuts to apps, starting or stopping through kconfig right?... try connecting sunbeam to it. by default only one instance starts and subsequent calls just pop-up the one already started. the centered under the mouse thing should(hopefully.. if i can send the mouse-click coordinates to the app..but do u need that when you can preconfigure the app to open anywhere on the screen?) also happen with the next minor release but do u really want to ... this release is coming since i found some small bugs i should be able to correct quite easily. - Jan 23 2006
There is one on the website. Its from an old version of sunbeam (which did not have a toolbar) but i am sure you will get the idea... anyway... ill put that screenshot up here in sometime. Heres the link to all the screenshots till then. - Jan 22 2006
thanks mate... will definitely look into that.
but then again...some words...
1.kat integration not till MARK II
2.please elaborate the single click.. out for MARK II - Jan 18 2006
Thanks Luke!
Will be talking to the man as soon as possible :-). - Jan 16 2006
Not Really Felipe! But if you have seen Apple's spotlight, this thing does some similar things. Anyway... i suggest you use it and see for yourself if you like it. ;-) - Jan 16 2006
well it basically replaces a common desktop menu and search application is what it does. and adds a few nifty things like show/hide-desktop,browse windows,keep favourites,lock/logout. - Jan 16 2006
And what might those side-effects be?
If you refer to the fact that the app starts and ops up on every damn session-start, thats not entirely unintentional though may be undesirable. The idea is that the start menu is the first thing the user may use and thus must be open at session start...ill turn it off till i get the config file done if there is a quorum on this. If you are referring to the fact that yakuake window appears below sunbeam, there isnt much that can be done since this is a popup...and u know, popups are popups. The wierd positioning will be taken care of as soon as the config is done.
If its anything else ... tell me. - Jan 12 2006
well yes it is quite cluttered but couldnt help it much mate... tried to cram most of the things one could need into one app...with a configuration, that should be a bit cleaner. - Jan 12 2006
hmm... ill check it out soon.
a lot of i-candy and app-search coming soon too. keep watching - Jan 12 2006
Thanks lenir...and u2 anyone interested? If yes,it shouldnt be a problem posting them on the project site. - Jan 11 2006
I had the feeling this would happen!!
Ary running the application(sunbeam) from the shell.
Did you try to run autoconf + automake again?
Do tell me your kde version too.
Anyone else having this problem? - Jan 11 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes 1262 comments

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Sep 10 2006
just a suggestion
well so far baghira is doing great... but, since it has matured so well, would love it if it had more of its own original look (personally the round buttons could be replaced by square ones)and then theres subtle things like the tab bars, button widgets, status bars(which already is choosable), etc.
...i would be glad to help with these.
oh and ofcourse there is always the iconset (none of them suits the baghira right now) - Sep 16 2004
the only issue is of speed... but then again that is more of a KDE problem... but what the hell everything has a tweak... and im still pretty much desperate bout the gradient thing... say thinking of which gnome does that pretty efficiently.. - Jul 22 2004
Dont Know whether this is really a bug
but the tabbar (or whatever it is called)gets sort-of overlapped by the new tab is what i mean:
Another Suggestion... could we have background windows having different shades in the brushed metal part of the theme?. That would make the theme all the more interesting - Jul 17 2004
Dont Know whether this is really a bug
but the tabbar (or whatever it is called)gets sort-of overlapped by the new tab button..
Another Suggestion... could we have background windows having different shades in the brushed metal part of the theme?. That would make the theme all the more interesting - Jul 17 2004
Hi... I tried to replace the standard brushed background of baghira with a brushed background giving it a sort of gradient like look... and the results ... i must say were slightly unnerving... anyway ...guess this is the right way to go... so the next logical question is how do i edit the pixmaps for the buttons from code?...i mean is there a way to convert the header to a png file?...another thing the button background repainted with the brushed metal pixmap?... if that is avoided.. things may look much cooler...
Also can we have shades of brushed-background if not the gradient?...i mean darker shade for window and lighter for background(i thihk 0.3r kept the stippled mosfet theme inside the main window and only brushed the outsides of the window..) - Jun 16 2004
NO WAY MAN.... The Choosers look perfectly sexy.... Ask me... theyre best
...actually i was wondering if the buttons could be made a little more like them too ..i mean could the closer buttons be made to sort of stick together and stuff?...and also slightly more squarish!!!...anyway... how do u get a pixmap structure from an image (eg brushed-metal.h)...been trying certain hacks myself and would be glad to know this - Jun 09 2004
Ok, Here is my contribution.. :)

U might get some pix of use from this theme.
Plus the background is darker and shinier in appearence and the buttons are all sharpe edged....which, methinks, looks rather more compact than the original apple themes
anyway take a look :) - Jun 06 2004
Brushed Metal - Dark Version

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 2 comments

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Jun 07 2004
Hey... Thanks For The Compliment... :)!!...anyway i did what? ..:? - Jun 09 2004