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Adwaita Colour Pack

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Jan 12 2019
+ Looks gorgeous, thanks! I liked it more before the refresh too - Apr 21 2019

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Sep 29 2018
Firefox has its own themes (see menu button (☰) > Customize > Themes), GTK themes have very little control over it. - Dec 22 2018
>I'm not seeing the Brila and Brila-Eta themes in any of the downloads
Ah, sorry about that - at first I was building from HEAD and apparently Brila is a new feature in v3.95. For final upload I rebuilt from stable release v3.94 which doesn't have it, but didn't notice. Corrected text now. I'll try to rebuild and upload a new version once it stabilizes - currently changelog on upstream warns about some breakages and that it got reverted to 3.94.x

> nor are they generated by the build script.
You can tell the script to build from a particular commit or tags, if the upstream has Brila or other base variants at that commit, you should get all it and all other variants in all colors

> Theme is great but just a small problem . When I pin firefox to edge of the screen a border of like 1 cm develop around firefox window. See in this screenshot :

Possibly upstream bug, can you try last few releases from and check if any of them looks fine? If it's broken on all, then file an issue on github. Some more details about the system would be useful, e.g. which desktop environment is that, distro and version, as there's big variety among linux desktops. - Oct 30 2018
>Hi, this works in gnome 3.28?

Yes, no problem.

> love it, but any chance we could have a lighter grey version, so that A and B matches in this pic?

You'd need to build from source

For reference I'm building my gray variant as:

./ --with-selection_color=$Grey500 --with-second_selection_color=$Grey300 --with-accent_color=$BlueGrey300 --with-suggestion_color=$BlueGrey500 --with-destruction_color=$RedA200

You could try picking a lighter color for --with-selection_color e.g. Grey400 or Grey300 from

> also, is there an easy way to turn off the faded out icon effect in the budgie panel icon task list? this is annoying me

Sorry, I don't use that desktop, you'd need to dig into .css files on your own to find out where it's getting set... - Sep 29 2018
>Now a difficult request. I am using some applications as flatpak. This new ecosystem does not use the current desktop theming but recently a few "theme" packs has start to appear in flathub like the original Adapta theme. FP applications can use it. I am wondering if you could produce flatpak for your theme like that ?

I unfortunately don't use flatpak, prefer full blown VMs. Here someone reports a workaround by copying files into flatpak app dirs - - perhaps it'd work for you, try also copying ~/.themes directory. - Sep 29 2018
Score 71.1%
9   Apr 21 2019
+ Looks gorgeous, thanks! I liked it more before the refresh too