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Matthias Fenner
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 15 comments

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Jul 30 2011
Me (and according to different mailing-lists many people) was searching for this for a long time!
Why isnt this in winetricks or in an debian-package like wine-kde-integration ... ?

For kubuntu this is the last missing-part I think. Now win,gtk and kde apps show a uniqness I ve missed for a long time ... !!!

Please keep on your work!

By the way, in putty under wine, the "+"-buttons in the tree-view are only dark boxes ... This is the only thing which looks wrong on my first look on it. - Aug 27 2011

Chat & Messenging 1 comment

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Oct 13 2007
I can't find pidgin-remote !

Even not on - Jun 20 2008

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Oct 11 2006
Check out QS-Client for this please :D

It supports not only vnc,rdp and nx
but also 13 Other protocols.

Configuration files can be generated for all protocols.

Windows-Version also available. All Client applications included or installable using a simple click :D

New Version will be soon out there :D
But the current one is quiet cool! (Especially on USB-Sticks) - Jan 20 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 61 comments

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Dec 12 2006
Sorry for delay ... Ill pack it at satureday.

Then you can test it an gimme feedback. As already mentioned, emuexec should work in every distribution, so if you wanna test, just install and edit emuexec.conf by hand.

If you want to skip this, just use commandline options which are used prior to emuexec.conf. - Dec 15 2006
Any news update for me ?

Did you try to install it with skipping this warning ?

After this, just try "joyhelper -i" to verify that emuhelper is running correctly and gimme the result. - Dec 13 2006
Was a pleasure to help :D

Now It's your task to gimme feedback and wishes for the next release :)

By the way .... proper ducumentation and online tutorial will be in the next version.

currently, man emuexec will be your friend.

Or just go to startmenu -> emulation -> Online -> Documentation for the half outdated documentation. - Dec 13 2006
It's uploaded again and I also tested the installation on my dapper workstation.

Everything should be correct. If errors occur, the package you have downloaded must be from your browser cache, so try to clear it. - Dec 13 2006
Okay ... then there must be a problem on sourceforge!

I'll upload the package again now

Please test it again in 1 hour and make clear that your browser-cache was cleared. - Dec 13 2006
Very interesting ....

I'm developing emuexec and kdeaddons-emulation on kubuntu. Its tested on edgy and dapper and has no problems like this at all.

What does dpkg -l "Package" show ?
Have you tried to download it again ?
Is emuexec installable using dpkg -i ? - Dec 13 2006
Hmmmmmmm ... very mysterous!

You can just forget this dependency cause is already in the emuexec-package. It gets required by emuhelper as a perl mod using a simple trick. I just dont wanted to look up all distributions for the corret pathes of perl mods, so for emuexec and all helper applications, /usr/share/emulation/lib/generic is the right path. Maybe in the next version I will include emuexec_joystick into joyhelper to solve this problem. For now, just add /usr/share/emulation/lib/generic to the search path of perl your perl mods. - Dec 13 2006
Okay ... Fedore-Packages for kdeaddons-emulation will be out this evening. For emuexec, just use the existing rpm file. - Dec 13 2006
... It's done - and better than I thought!

Just try and gimme your oppinion. - Dec 12 2006
Just to mention ....

The wine-exec-wrapper has been improved.

Now it decides to

a) Start win32-gui application
b) Start win32-console applications inside a terminal
c) Start DosBox for ms-dos executables

So finally ... no need to worry about the type of executables - this wrapper will get the most out of it.

Next version will also include virus detection.

Any further improvements/wishes ? - Sep 11 2006
many thanks - Its inside the new release! - Aug 24 2006
Very cool man !

Do you have any build-script to be included into the package ?

deb rpm and src scripts are already in /usr/share/emulation/devel

extract the source into your home-dir and execute :D - Aug 10 2006
No .... but many thanks to mention !

File-Plugins will be in the binary-part of kdeaddons-emulation 4.0

As well as

"pe thumbnail-supoport" :

Incombination with wine, kde will handle win32-exe files like a normal win32-app:

lnk and exe-files will show an icon ... Setup.exe files can be installed using a simple click, and "Place link on Desktop" as seen in every win32-installer will work like in windows.

In combination with a nice kcontrol-modul for kemuexec. Every aspect of emulation (e.g. Joystick configuration for all emulators in one gui, VM-Manager, VM-Creator, etc...) will be accssible in the simplest way ever seen and will put Linux&KDE to the #1 Emulation Desktop System.

Soooo .... Stay tuned and place further wishes here :D - Aug 02 2006
Ohh thanks!

Is there anything you miss ?

Or what can I improve ? - Jul 30 2006
Okay but now many wow-things where added... so feel free to get the new release!

EmuExec 1.0 Highlights:

Supports zip,rar,tar,gzip,bzip2,lha,arj,ace and 7zip decompression
Fullscreen emulation for emulators without fullscreen mode
Resolution switching using xrandr (when requested by driver, e.g. x64-vice)
Autoprobe driver for automatical selection of best emulator (Works also with compressed rom-images!!)
Automatic Screenshot functionality
Dynamic integration into any filemanager or htpc (freevo,mythtv)

But much more was done!


Info to RC-Testers:

1.) Don`t forget to execute

"emuhelper update"

after the upgrade!

2.) The config-dir has changed to ~/.local/share/emulation ! (Final location) - Jul 29 2006
So ....

Any comments
Any bugs
Any wishes ???

Just inform me ! I´ll do it! - Jul 20 2006
Hello everybody!

Feel free to test the new version of kdeaddons-emulation.

Until the final release the following will be added/updated:

1.) kqemu frontend will be synced with current commandline options of qemu.

2.) kqemu-img will be added and integrated into kqemu.

3.) Emuexec will get some minor additions and many new drivers

4.)I18N and documentation will be added/extended.

and much more will be done.

Feel free to test it on every distribution and give your conclusions in this forum. - Jul 17 2006
Oki ... If you need it ...

I´ll put it online later this day
(1-3 hrs).

rpm/deb generator script is included! - Sep 24 2004
Sorry ...

but I think its better that you get the updated package :) Me made a rename to "kde-addons-emulation" and I uploaded the new version!

Have fun...! - Sep 23 2004
i386-version 1.1 includes all open-source emulators unavailable as rpm.

Version 2.0 will include a new version of

hatari for ST emulation
Basilisk2 for MacOS 7/8 emulation
stella.sdl SDL Version (Atari2600)
and maybe i missed one!

Emusuite 2.0 will include :

1.) Bios-setup script for easy installing Bios-images using kdialog
2.) Emulator Setup-Menu
3.) fixed UAE scripts - Sep 11 2004

MANNNY Thnaks for this advice!!!!

I ll include a Bios installer Frontend

Thanks in advance!!

To do it without frontend ,
just copy the psx-1-bios to


voila ... Thats all! and soon ... Via frontend! :D - Sep 09 2004
Its out now!

Now You only need a playstation-bios and ... lets rock ! :D - Sep 08 2004
PE thumbnail

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 20 comments

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Jun 17 2005
Great work!

Apart from the fact that I can´t get this working on Opensuse 10 (sarge works), I'm somehow missing lnk-support.

Me wrote a wrapper script for lnk-files using wine-tools and kfmclient.

I´t would be very cool I´f you could include lnk-support to use lnk-files from windows users in a native way and see the corresponding Icon (Mime,Exec,DLL,UMC-Path, http-link, ftp-link, etc.).

You just need to get the last string out of the lnk-file to get the corresponding Win32-Path and convert it to the unix-path using "winepath [File]"

If its an exe or dll-file, just extract the icon.

If it´s something else, use mimemagic and get the corresponding kde-icon.

This would be excelent. - Jun 21 2006
Multimedia suite?

Utilities 6 comments

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May 18 2006
.... and nobody was interested in it :(

It was called lms Linux Multimedia Suite and quiet impressive.

The user wants it ... the developer hates it :(

nowerdays I think that a task based k-start menu would be the best solution.

Or a good metabar located in konqueror.

For software-packages, hope lsb would find a standard .... I hope soon ! - May 18 2006
LyX -- The Document Processor

Office Apps 35 comments

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Mar 17 2018
which applications do you use to create the icons. I wanna go deeper into the vectors but I don´t know an app to start - especially on kde

So ... what would you recommend me ? - Apr 11 2006
logout dialog theme support and config tool

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 18 comments

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Mar 31 2006
Why not cool.

I hate this premises that windows is ... everytime.

You have to learn from your opponents if you want to compete with them.

I like your app, while I don´t like windows :D - Mar 31 2006

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Mar 30 2006
Ahem ... I missed info about distribution packages. And thats an interesting point:

You don´t need one! - qsclient is an selfextracting executable - It runs on every distrybution, even the nxclient which is installable using the setup menu. My Idea is to make it as porttable as the windows version. Then you can install it on e.g. usb-stick (Comming in final version) and use it where you are.

The only thing missing is a version packed with binaries for ppc-systems, but the setup routine substitues the main binaries anyway, if they are unavailable for you system. - Mar 30 2006
About the source:

The source for the windows clients is accessible using kde-apps download menu.

The code for the linux-client is now fully migrated to scripting and kommander-frontends. Fallback clients are available using k/X/cdialog.

All the patches for linux-software e.g. putty, plink and sources of the nx-scrambler and other tools which are included will be in the final qsclient package, wich will be released this weekend.

Next step is a native kde and curses client - They will debute in the 2.0 release. - Mar 30 2006
sorry for delay guys....

but next release candidate will debute on satureday.

It will be released on ,, and many more sites.

Docs will be out there too, also include in the client packages.

And more features are waiting for testeres like stunnel support and wake on lan client.

But stay tuned - good wine takes time! - Mar 07 2006
alread many bugs fixed in linux and windows version.

next version will be uploaded until tomorrow.

If you want to checkout the newest version everytime, just enter as Server and choose QSClient-Update in the taskbar-menu.

QSClient will try the download and otherwise get the most stable version from my homepage - So I´ll keep my premise : "One click and its done"

The next rc-version will also introduce "wake on lan", windows and linux etherwake clients are included, of course. - Mar 04 2006
... as I said. RC1 is available, so just download and try.

If you dont have an nxclient installed, just jo to the taskbar menu. Under setup there is a button to install nxclient automagically.

I guess everybody to take an eye on rdpexec nxexec and sshexec protocolls and test qsc-files using the wiondows and linux client - You will be impressed. Especially the pptp-client is very advanced now, just click on an pptp-qsc file and on linux and windows you´ll get a nice tray-icon as long as the vpn-connection is up.

IPSec and OpenVPN Connections will follow next. - Feb 28 2006
Today is the day :

QSClient 1.2 RC1 will be released!

This is the next step to establish an unltimate client application, which enables you to connect to over 14 Protocols with a simple click.

Main improvements are:

PPTP/PPPOE/ISDN/MODEM Setup using qsc-files - Available on Windows and linux (e.g. connect via pptp using a simple click, qsclient makes the whole setup for you on windows and Linux)

- Bugfixes
- New Protocols
- SSH-Key-Import
- RSA/DSA Key-support for SCP/SSH/NX
- Remote rc-service Management (+sudo)
- New Linux-Gui (kommander script)
- Improved linux script (lib-based)
- Rewritten Windows-Client (Tray-Menu)
- New Quick-Connect Dialog
- Impoved Portability (e.g. for USB-Sticks)
- 1st Dokumentation for win/lin
- Mount QSC-Files in Linux (ssh,ftp,etc..)

So stay tuned - If you still not know what todo with this software, wait for the docs - I guess you will be very impressed. - Feb 23 2006
Wait for the server :) , but It lacks of docs and i18n.

Just look at the web-interface to get a small overview : .

Have you ever installed freenx and a complete desktop-environment with a single click or command ?

Or what about a isdn dialin server?

using the qs-client or shell it will be just:

qslib install dialin
qslib set isdn-prefix xxxxx
qslib set isdn-msn xxxxx

... and every full quser can login using isdn :)

and ... its working already - based on debian sarge :) but portable to every linux distriburtion :D

stay tuned ;) - Sep 29 2005
QStringTemp for KDE 3.x (CVS)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 4 comments

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Apr 24 2004
is it in de 3.4 ? or kde 3.3 on debian/sarge ? - Nov 10 2005

System Software 2 comments

by wdlc
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Jan 13 2004
jep - I think this is the most important thing. Even for controlling apache, sql, etc .... Then every non-commandline user will be able to use linux. - Nov 04 2005

Video Apps 13 comments

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Nov 24 2005
Keep it on - Its great, especially the io-slave !!
How may I support you - apart from voting as often as possible =) - Oct 24 2005

System Software 100 comments

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Jun 09 2007
Oohh ... thanks for this note - Now for me there are two more question:
1)will this also speed up the runtime of the application ?
2)is this defult in kontruct, cause ill try the new konstruct build soon ? - Oct 21 2005

Network 129 comments

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May 25 2010
And thats the problem, we need a public site to claim all the things which are missing in kde, or better said: We need a site to place some projects like yours and vote for it. Your tool is part of the missing link to konquer the Desktop-Market - "Normal users NEED tools like this"
The second part should be the evolution of kcontrol, to make it possible to configure everything - also server applications. So ... I hope kvpnc will be part of kcontrol - and my vote is guranteed :) - Oct 07 2005

System Software 3 comments

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Oct 31 2005
... or not ?

Then it will be in my kde-emulation-suite - Aug 30 2005
Filebrowser appearence

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 29 comments

by zammi
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Aug 29 2005
But I think the majority wants both: some more eycande, some classic. - Aug 29 2005
Same as my oppinion : great !

How far with the code-part are you ? - Aug 29 2005
Flash Editor

Graphic Apps 68 comments

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Jun 07 2006
We need more projects like this ... many tasks are uncovered by kde/qt apps - May 06 2005

Developers Apps 5 comments

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Mar 06 2005
This looks quiet interesting!

But why QT 2.0 only ?

I think this is something linux really needs: a scriptable gui ienviroment - Feb 23 2005

Dolphin Service Menus 3 comments

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Jul 31 2009

I did it a while ago with alien ... but with all supported package formats.

I think its time to include alien into the standart comress-service-menu in kde. In my eyes - this service menu was the best thing in kde=>3.2.x .

I never seen this before - even in commercial apps like ... - Dec 22 2004

System Software 40 comments

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Sep 21 2004
As I said! And it is nice to see, that somebody agrees with me!

We need this configuration-tools for getting KDE/linux to a mature desktop system!.

Without frontends, no cmd-line-hateing-normal-windows-user will switch over to Linux!

I have a basic example how I crack "every" Windows-User to switch to Linux:

At first... I show him some emulators, players and tools... In Windows and Linux!!

Then I show him freevo, which is in generall a complete gui for manymany multimedia/system/pim tools.
And I can see it: They are shocked! Cause they see that windows is a noob system!!

95% of all users I showed the capabilities off freevo now have it at home!

The reason :

1.)One Frontend for everything
(even only useable only with a 10 button remote, or joystick)
2.)Linux in general as a backend.

After seeing the simplicity of this frontend, they start to go deeper and deeper.

This is the striking point of every
DE, Frontend or Gui! - Aug 31 2004

Network 17 comments

by Dgege
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Sep 01 2004
And I see linux/kde has a good future,

if this process of integrating basic tools/servers/etc..

into guis and give everybody the chance to use it - without finding the right howto :))

I just wanna thank all people helping ... and especially the kde-team

Let´s rock the shit - babe ;) - Aug 28 2004
At this point I have to point out my "Formula of the world"

1.)Every physical, biological, or universal world tends to a positive state, or tends to keep a positive state

2.)Only if the worlds respect other worlds, they will differentiate / live together.

So.... respect the other worlds

E.G. this application is very usefull and I had several people asking for it!

Make Frontends for all this great Linux/tools/servers/etc.. and include it into KDE! Without this.. Linux as a desktop-system won´t survive! This is the connection between user and System. Without this, we "CAN´T KONQUER WINDOWS and the people" using it, cause the most don´t like the commandline (In my eyes - all blockheads, but what Do you want ?

1.) Being the Mayor Desktop System


2.) Being a System where the cmd-line is a MUST have to configure most things ???

PS: Even an "init 0" is too much - The blockhead-average-user want to click on a button!
PPS: Nevertheless, Thank You for this great community and nice Desktop¡ - Aug 28 2004