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Anirudh A

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Jul 15 2009
Just an update, Mac4Lin SVN has been updated with a new version of GTK Themes' and GTK Icons' directories. They are compatible with the latest version of GNOME and distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora etc.

To download everything goto this page: and on the botton click on "Download Tarball". If you however want to download specific components (like GTK_Theme etc.) then goto that directory and download the specific tarball. To install, you can follow any guide available online to install either the GTK theme or the GTK Icon theme.

I am yet to make a formal release, but those who want to experiment with the latest version and file bugs are welcome to do so :) - Sep 13 2010
I am yet to release an update. Work has been keeping me too busy and hence I haven't found enough time to work on the next version. But I assure you that there will be an update soon! :)

Glad many parts of Mac4Lin still work on the latest version of Ubuntu! :) - Apr 30 2010
Yes, I'm working on updating Mac4Lin. But the work is going on slowly due to lack of time. I've extended an open invitation to all to help me fix issues. But nobody has come forward yet.

Rest assured, Mac4Lin will not go un-updated. It will stay and be very much alive in future! :) though the development will slow down a bit due to various factors... - Mar 04 2010
Yes, I'm aware about this. Issue is I'm pre-occupied with work and I've relocated to a new place; hence I'm not finding enough time to work on Mac4Lin.

I'll try to get things done as soon as possible. It's good to know that there are many users like you who still use and love Mac4Lin :) - Feb 28 2010
Yes, there are quite some tweaks. You may wanna go thru the documentation :

I'm still updating it but most of whats described in there works. Hope this helps :) - Jul 30 2009
I'm not sure but I don't think its a bug in mac4Lin. I'm unable to reproduce this bug on my system. Can you reproduce this bug with some other theme? Completely switch to the default GNOME or Ubuntu or whatever theme and try if you still get these errors. - Jul 28 2009
You can upload the screenshot to some imagehosting site (like imageshack etc.) and just post a link here :) - Jul 27 2009
Can you post a screenshot of the same? and also of the error messages? What changes did you make to the system fonts? Can you post a screenshot of System > Prefs > Appearances > Fonts dialog too? - Jul 26 2009
Oh I see what you mean. The sounds will not be automatically assigned. Changing the theme will not switch the sounds. You need to goto System>Preferences>Sounds>Sounds and assign the sounds manually. Mac4Lin sounds are usually stored in /usr/share/sounds/Mac4Lin - Jul 24 2009
I'm guessing its an issue with permission. Can you goto the sounds folder (with the extracted .wav files) and do a 'sudo chown <your username> *.wav' and try if you are able to play the sounds in any media player? - Jul 21 2009
Thank you for the words of appreciation. Glad you like Mac4Lin :) - Jul 21 2009

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Jul 15 2009
I don't seem to get you. Do you mean the Close, Min, Max buttons? If so then they are not the radio buttons.

To change their position refer to the Mac4Lin Documentation here: - Nov 11 2009
How did you uninstall it? You need to run the uninstall script which will set everything right. - Sep 21 2009
I'd be more than happy to join you in writing an engine if you haf the knowhow. I'm ready to contribute in whatever way I can.

And thanks for the edition. I will haf a look at it and integrate it if everything goes well!

Thank you :) - Jul 18 2009
I agree on the smaller details which are a bit hard to reproduce exactly as in Mac OS X. About the tabs issue, GTK doesn't permit centrally aligned tabs and about the artifacts, they can surely be corrected. - Jul 16 2009
@Thanks to everybody for their support.

If you vote down then do leave a comment as to what made you do so. This will help me in bettering Mac4Lin.

As of 'undo'ing, just run the Mac4Lin Uninstall script and everything will be uninstalled and reset to default. - Jul 15 2009
CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor Mac Style

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Jan 14 2009
This is good work :) I'm the developer of Mac4Lin and would like to include this in the Mac4Lin Icon pack with your permission :)
- Feb 07 2009
Screenlets 0.1.2

Conky 18 comments

by Whise
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Sep 03 2008
Plz stick on to this project! Screenlets.. an absolutely amazing piece of software! The best.. we want it to be officially integrated into GNOME... - Jun 18 2008
"Aqua Dreams" theme

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Feb 05 2008
Theme looks amazing! will surely try out! - Jan 05 2008
Mac OSX Leopard 10.5 Full pack

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Jun 25 2008
Mac4Lin project has:
-PNG For Dock
-VLC skin
-XMMS skin

So the new things in this pack are:
-amsn skin

I'll check this pack out :) - Dec 30 2007
To the creator of this pack:

How different is it from my Mac4Lin project? - Dec 30 2007
leopard-ubuntu login

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Dec 31 2007
I particularly like the idea of the see through Ubuntu logo :) - Dec 30 2007
Hey thats really good, mebbe you can try reducing the transparency a bit; nice GDM theme :) - Dec 30 2007
Mac4Lin ver.0.4 GDM Login Theme

GDM Themes 3 comments

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Dec 18 2007
I think you were not selecting the radio button properly (I suppose so). Coz nobody else has reported this problem. Which distro and GNOME version do you use? - Dec 28 2007
Mac4Lin ver.0.4 Emerald Theme

Compiz Themes 13 comments

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Dec 18 2007
Thanks for the words of appreciation guys :)

BTW, the dock is Avant Window Navigator - Dec 20 2007
Mac4Lin ver.0.4 GTK Metacity Theme

GTK2 Themes 11 comments

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Dec 18 2007
Thats the best I could work out for now. Altering that would garble the Panel background. So I chose to stick with this since the volume control is not always seen. I'm workin to find a solution to this, so plz bear with me. I dunno if i'll be successful in mending that, coz rite now the trade off is just too much.
- Dec 20 2007
Windows Vista +vista aero Full pack

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Jun 20 2008
Its the users wish. Some may like the functionality, security, flexibility, usability, customizability of Linux but the interface of Vista or Mac . These things are perfect for those people! - Nov 29 2007
Aurora Unified Suite (Preview)

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Nov 30 2007
The theme looks good :) But the green arrow icons look out of place. - Nov 29 2007

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

by taner
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Nov 18 2007
Yes plz upload that. The reflection of the first in the other wall looks cool :) - Nov 18 2007
Great work! Awesome wallpaper... Thanks for sharing.

But where is the second wallpaper? - Nov 18 2007
Ganesha - GDM Theme

GDM Themes 2 comments

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Nov 19 2007
!!Om Shri Ganeshaya Namaha!!

Hey great screen there! But how does the login field look like? No screenshot for that? - Nov 18 2007
XMMS iTunes 6.x theme

XMMS Skins 5 comments

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Nov 02 2007
It works on audacious too. - Nov 03 2007
sure guys, i'll do that :) - Sep 19 2007
Mac4Lin Leopard GTK Icon Theme

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Nov 02 2007
Thats to keep up the grey look of Leopard.

Btw, people also reported that Network Manager icons are not replaced. Anyone else facing this problem? - Nov 02 2007
Oh yeah, a guy pointed out that bug. The deskbar icon is not applied. I guess it was left out. I'll look into it. - Nov 01 2007
you mean the gtk/emerald theme? its all from the mac4lin pack. - Nov 01 2007
Icon theme for GNOME 2.20 has now been released!

Plz report any bugs. - Oct 31 2007
All icons do not get applied. This is coz of change in icon structure in GNOME 2.20 - Oct 30 2007
Guys, I'm working on GNOME 2.20 theme. Will post it as soon as its complete :) - Oct 27 2007
Mac4Lin Leopard GTK Metacity Theme

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Nov 02 2007
I'll look into the matter soon regarding index.theme

Thanks for pointing out regarding the tabs. May I know what problem are you facing? - Oct 27 2007
Right click on the folder > properties. In the Basic page click on the folder icon and browse to the place where this theme is installed (/home/<username>/.icons/<mac4lin theme folder>/EXTRAS) You will find almost all the icons there. Select the one you like. - Oct 25 2007
Mac4Lin Leopard Emerald Theme

Compiz Themes 4 comments

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Nov 02 2007
Download this, goto the Appearances dialog and install this theme.

If you download the whole Mac4Lin pack, except the icon theme everything else will work. Just download the PDF documentation which has illustrated installation instructions, some steps maybe different due to a newer version of GNOME (2.20) But I guess you can figure it out yourself. It shouldn't be tuff.

Since I don't use Gusty I hafnt compiled any Howto for it. - Oct 25 2007

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Sep 19 2007
thats a really nice theme :) keep up the good work! - Sep 20 2007
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Mar 15 2009
haha.. awesome work! :) - Sep 19 2007