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Umm ... you are mistaken. Of course, you are free to believe what you want, but saying that someone is damned to hell for not believing the Bible is really crazy.

For all that the intelligent people say, I'm sure that none of them will dispute the "process" of science ... you might have learnt it at school if you listened enough: the Scientific Method, which continues naturally rather than irrationally as in a religion (especially like Christianity). The method is more important as a criteria of evaluation of belief systems of Science vs some religion.

As far as the history of christianity and the historicity in the Bible goes, it is quite suspect. This was shown by several theologians and philosophers even in the 19th century ... of course, since Christianity is not scientific, they wouldn't accept it.

There have been several such independent and scientific studies of the Bible and Christianity over the ages. Some of those studies are by one of the greatest geniuses born on Earth, the polymath, Engels. He has written on the studies and he has studied himself some of the questions on Christianity. I reference two works for your pleasure [1], [2].

About science in the Bible, please do not mistake assertions as Science. We being human beings, the same as the human beings who wrote the Bible, do comment on the environment around us. Making assertions about nature points more to a human authorship than to a divine revelation. This is why, although the cave paintings show that blood drips from the animal when a spear pierces it, no scientist would consider that cave men knew the circulatory system (discovered by Harvey). Making assertions about nature is natural to human beings; note the cliche about boring conversations going something like "how is the weather there ...".

Coming to your post, I think it is disgusting to see your evangelism on kde-apps/kde-look. My religion is KDE on GNU/Linux and this website is towards that. I know exactly how you would react if a Wicca or a Muslim would come to evangelise on one of your religious websites.

So please STOP!

In the end, I would say that asserting the scientific value of the Bible or Christianity is nonsensical at best, even if there are assertions about nature, the value of Christianity lies in its moral system (unfortunately, the moral system is not even practiced by anyone today, as evidenced by your posts). Also, the educational value of Christianity doesn't extend beyond the moral question, but these moral statements are given by almost all religions, you know, like "do good", "be good to others", etc. In such a case, there is no value to Christianity per se, over and above the moral teachings of the so-called Christ.

[2]: - Jan 04 2006