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mark latter

GDM Themes by tobain 114 comments

oh wait... nope, still not working...
which leads me to believe it's something with my system... i think

the other gdms work fine...

still, any thoughts? - Apr 12 2007

GDM Themes by tobain 114 comments

and wow, as soon as i posted this, i decided to log out and try it again, just to make sure, and it works!! :D

horay for things that miraculously work again! - Apr 12 2007

GDM Themes by tobain 114 comments

i love this gdm! great work

i have encountered a minor problem, altho i'm not sure if it's an issue with this particular gdm, or my system... i havent encoutered it before i installed this..

when i log out, it doesn't take me back to the login screen. all it does is flash up a gray screen, with white boxes that apperently i can still interact with...

any thoughts?
if not, then i'll just avoid logging out ;) - Apr 12 2007
"Borealis" sound theme

System Sounds by SlipStreamScapes 107 comments

these sound files are awesome! good work..

however, i encountered a problem with trying to play them properly...

the only sounds that seem effected are the start up sounds, and the exiting sounds, which play fine until they reach a loud point, then they start to sound all distorted. I did some looking around on forums and believe that the problem is with kde, and a solution i've found to work is to turn the volume in alsamixer down to 50%, then turn my speakers up. the files play perfectly after that, but i was wondering if anybody knows of a better way to fix this??

**all other sound formats, so far have played great, just these ones i've noticed the distortion... - Mar 25 2007