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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 223 comments

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Aug 16 2004
To rearrange the order go to Launcher Preferences and right click over an icon an select "swap with".
This is only available in the latest version (0.3) or the CVS. - Jan 21 2005
For those using the unofficial rpm version of KoolDock I strongly recommend you to compile the official sources and see if the problems continue.
We do not package KoolDock for any distribution. Packages are contributions from KoolDock users to whom we are very grateful.

Greetings, - Aug 20 2004
Chris Dragan and Víctor Fernández Martínez had kindly made the packages for Gentoo and Mandrake respectively.
Download links updated accordingly. - Aug 16 2004
I was able to reproduce the previous issue and I will fix it when I get my laptop back (my harddisk died).
On the other hand I was unable to reproduce this problem, could you give more details?

Thanks for the feedback :D - Aug 14 2004
Create a simbolic link:

# ln -sf PATHTOKOOLDOCK/kooldock $HOME/.kde/Autostart - Jun 24 2004
You are missing a shared library, check this: - Jun 03 2004
Again, try passing configure "--with-qt-dir=/usr/lib/qt3"; if that doesn't work try "--with-qt-libraries=/usr/lib/qt3/lib --with-qt-includes=/usr/lib/qt3/include".
Also add to /etc/ a line containing /usr/lib/qt3/lib and run ldconfig.
If neither of these work try asking in the mailing list. - May 30 2004
You need the threaded version (MT) of Qt3-devel which is different from the normal version. Also you need the qt-mt runtime libraries and not the normal qt-runtime libraries. Changing this should not break any dependencies; it will just replaced the normal version with the threaded one.
If by any chance your distribution keeps qt in an unusual PATH and you have no $QTDIR defined, pass to configure "--with-qt-dir=PATH" or "--with-qt-includes=PATH --with-qt-libraries=PATH". - May 30 2004
Apology Accepted :D - May 27 2004
Actually I added the packages to the download section and some new information, maybe you don't read very well. - May 27 2004
Wow, thanks for this :) I'll add it to the description. - May 27 2004
There's no specific day for the next release but you may download the latest snapshot of the CVS (see above); CVS always compiles. - May 26 2004
As requested by various users, now it's possible to tell KoolDock to only manage windows in the current desktop (preference dialog). After implementing this, I also find it very useful :D - May 26 2004
Read this (its for Solaris, but the concept is the same): - May 25 2004
Yes we should, I never thought of the possibility of two different resolutions :S - May 24 2004
Done (cvs). - May 24 2004
Yes, thats not an error, but a feature :)
KoolDock should now appear centered on your left/primary monitor (as if you only have one monitor). - May 23 2004
You are missing a shared library, check this: - May 23 2004
Yes, do the following:
# make -f Makefile.dist
# ./configure
# make; make install

If you need further assistance please join the mailing list :) - May 21 2004
The separator is allways available if you enable the taskbar (you may change its color).
Regarding the other issue I'll have to look into that, but I have never experienced that problem myself. - May 21 2004
First do:
# make -f Makefile.dist

And the rest:
# ./configure; make; make install - May 21 2004
Because the others do not fit our expectations. - Apr 22 2004
Actually its based on ksmoothdock, not kxdocker whatever that is. - Apr 21 2004
Write "kooldock" on a console (xterm, konsole, etc). - Apr 21 2004
Thanks :) But... it _has_ (pseudo) transparency and it is configurable (opacity level); on the other hand, you may set a background color or background image (check in Preferences). - Apr 20 2004
Actually, they are very different things. - Apr 18 2004
Ok, the problem is that the icons of the running applications are "stolen" from the window, that is, the small icon on the top left corner. Because it is a pixmap when it is rezized, sometimes it gets "blocky" or badly pixelated.
On the other hand, the icons from the launcher menu are loaded from the Kde icon set, so if you request a 128 icon, if it exists, they will not look ugly. - Apr 18 2004
This happens to every icon or only to those belonging to the taskbar? - Apr 18 2004
Sorry, what do you mean by blocky? Just tried it and seems ok... - Apr 18 2004