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Marco Marco

Full Icon Themes by deviantdark 508 comments

Hi man! Great work, I do like your iconset a lot!
By the way, which font did you use in the screenshot?! I like it as well! ;)
Thx and, again, congratulations! :D - Sep 08 2008
Hardy ice

GTK2 Themes by pipertehc 5 comments

I really like it! Everything but the scrollbars... -.- sorry they're just FAT or whatever :P
but, apart from them, thumbs up! :D - Jun 17 2008
Oxygen Days

Cliparts by ttimgws 3 comments

Hello! :)
I've downloaded your script to build oxygen days, but I had a problem with it...
Every time I run it, I get the same error:

Quote:"./ 1: Syntax error: Bad fd number
marco@HardyH:~/Desktop/package$ ./
JAN (1-1)
I already have inkscape and sed installed on my system, dunno the reason of that error, and I can't get rid of it... I've also tried to debug your script, but all the troubles seem to come after
"echo "$x ($y-$z)";"...
So it should (maybe??) be in the eval line...

Or maybe it's just me, uh? :P

Anyway congratulations for it, i've seen the preview and they're really good, hope to get all the other days asap! :D

Greetings from Italy,
Marco - May 12 2008
Ubuntu Penguin Blue-Green 1280x1024

Wallpapers Ubuntu by musicis4thesoul 2 comments

I don't get why so many people voted it bad... I actually like it, and I think that, among the 59 downloads, there's someone who liked it as well!

Ok, just tastes, but if you don't like someone's work, just spend a second and comment telling him/her why you don't like it, so he/she can improve it, uh?! :)

Greetings from Italy! ;)
Marco - May 12 2008

Wallpaper Other by Linuxville 3 comments

As I said you via e-mail here I am, I'm taking your pic! Thank you and congratulations again! :D - Dec 03 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by radzi 6 comments

It is nothing concerned with your job (appreciated and downloaded, btw :P) but... how did you set the status message in pidgin? And how do you set pidgin to show others' status messages? I can't get rid of it! :) Thank you very much!! And congratulations for your work, looks really nice on my desktop! :) - Sep 01 2007
My Dark Theme

Gnome Screenshots by themer 2 comments

Seems you have both kicker and gnome-panel! :)

Good work man! ;) - Aug 30 2007

Various Gnome Stuff by iraiscoming223 9 comments

Well, that would be awesome! But I don't know python, I'm just playin' around with bash script and zenity.. :( Sorry - Aug 24 2007
Simple & Nice

Beryl/Emerald Themes by uel 31 comments

which is the bar you use on the top to monitor your system?? :)

P.S.(Nice theme btw, but I maybe would prefer it w/ window borders! :) It is just my own taste) - Jul 24 2007

Various Gnome Stuff by iraiscoming223 9 comments

ok now you can choose the ext of the video (and so ffmpeg behaviuor) by changing the first var at the very beginning of the script. No need to edit anything but the var! :) - Jul 10 2007

Various Gnome Stuff by iraiscoming223 9 comments

as long as it uses ffmpeg you can do whatever you want. I set avi by default but you can just edit the script to fit your needs! :) - Jul 10 2007

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by spajk23 2 comments

like it, but... any chance to post a bigger resolution? :)
Thanks and congratulations! :D - Jul 09 2007
Macwin :)

Gnome Screenshots by shankru85 2 comments

I do not dislike your desktop, just fill the bar with the same colours and change the fonts for the applications... That would be a great start IMHO... :)
By the way, which is your gtk style? :)
Thx! - Jun 25 2007
Ubuntu Reflection

Wallpapers Ubuntu by WiFiEd 4 comments

how do you get that water effect? It's awesome!! You made it with GIMP? could you please hint me about how you did it?? Thanks! ;) - Jun 04 2007

Metacity Themes by Zinn 5 comments

Sorry for double posting but I've been using your theme for a while and I noticed it doesn't have hot side-borders: I mean, I cannot resize windows by draggin' the border... How do I add it? Thanks! ;) - May 03 2007

Metacity Themes by Zinn 5 comments

This theme is really nice (in fact I voted it thumbs up!) but I really don't like all that windows' stuff in the screenshot... bleah! crap! :P

Apart from jokes, great work! ;) - May 03 2007
jaguarx recompiled

Cursors by Fant0men 10 comments

Really like it, but those awful Vista buttons? O.ò - Apr 16 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by liperf 54 comments

I like your icons!!
Your screenshots make me smile: a mix of GNOME-MacOS-Vista... LoL...
What about using kicker so you will have KDE as well? Just kidding, nice icons!! - Mar 19 2007
Dropline NOU!

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 32 comments

I think you'd better change the homepage link from

otherwise you will have to copy&paste it, and that's boring :D
Good work btw! - Feb 17 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by ABein 2 comments

Is that penguin looking at the iconset? LOL - Feb 13 2007
TvTime - Xawtv -Xdtv etc

Icon Sub-Sets by xyzwqt 3 comments

I like this icon so much (I'm serious, I love the transparent one!) but which is the purpose? I mean, which program should I launch by clicking that icon? sorry for this question, it might be appear stupid... - Feb 11 2007
I'm Myself, Thanks :)

Various Gnome Stuff by felipe 3 comments

What can I say apart from...

"WooooW!" :D - Feb 11 2007
fubuntu Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by gluemonkey 2 comments

I like the wallpaper! It fits very good with that black GTK style... Which one is that? and which is your windows' theme?
Thank u and congratz! - Feb 10 2007

Wallpaper Other by xactive 1 comment

This is such a porn shot!! LOL Just kidding:D - Feb 05 2007
Ubuntu Clean Dual Screen

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Legacy 2 comments

Which icon set is that one?! O.ò
Nice really nice wide wallpaper :D - Feb 03 2007
ubuntu ultimate

Wallpapers Ubuntu by tripod4 8 comments

Uh btw, do you also have a svg version of the cover? - Feb 02 2007
ubuntu ultimate

Wallpapers Ubuntu by tripod4 8 comments

ahahah very funny!!! Love it!!!
Well but you know, Microsoft puts a lot of stuff on the cover such as
Windows Vista Home Professional Ultimate Edition Student Update XP...
And then a red stripe with written "SP2 Included" and a platinum band "Newer versione.." eheheh
I love your simplicity!!
Good Work! - Feb 02 2007

GDM Themes by naes 8 comments

I like it!
(Ok, this is a useless comment :P) - Feb 02 2007

Wallpaper Other by shig 2 comments

Sorry I misunderstood..
You're japanese, not chinese! :)
Sorry for crossposting :D - Feb 01 2007

Wallpaper Other by shig 2 comments

Seth MacFarlane, the "Family Guy" series creator, at his speech at Harvard, said "Don't get a tatto of a chinese character if you don't understand the language: tatoo removal services are making a killing of a people stupidity because [...] a woman gets Asian symbols she thinks they means 'spiritual woman' but that she later finds out they means 'sugar substitute'" (if you want to check you can just have a look at time 02:37)

Ok, just kidding, I like your wallpaper anyway, and I'm going to use it! :D - Feb 01 2007
Murrina X

GTK2 Themes by arox1 3 comments

Which icon set is that one? Looks fine (and Vista like, but I'll try not to think about this :D) - Jan 31 2007
Murrina X-2

GTK2 Themes by arox1 4 comments

ok, I manually extracted the files to my ~/.themes folder...
Thank you anyway! :D - Jan 31 2007
Murrina X-2

GTK2 Themes by arox1 4 comments

My Theme Manager says "File Format is not valid..." Any idea about? I can't get rid about it... O.ò
Thank you very much, I'd really like to install this theme! :D - Jan 31 2007
Usplash Theme - Fingerprint

Usplash Themes by Embrace 198 comments

Well, that is what I actually did... And it asks me for sign up! anyway, as far as I wanted your bootspalsh I joined that site! ;) LOL - Jan 23 2007
Usplash Theme - Fingerprint

Usplash Themes by Embrace 198 comments

maybe I'm wrong, but it asks me to join! O.ò - Jan 23 2007
MorningGlory (preview Release)

GTK2 Themes by darkmatter 23 comments

love it! - Jan 23 2007
ubuntu rainbow swirl

Wallpapers Ubuntu by ahmedkhan 3 comments

I like it, even if I have a strange square on the bottom right corner... Is it normal? O.ò (because if it is, I'm a stupid -.- LOL)
Anyway, what about adding a little preview of the picture? O.ò Unfortunatly GNOME-LOOK doesn't provide a thumbnails-creation feature. :)
Good job, even with the blue square! ;) - Jan 23 2007
Usplash Theme - Fingerprint

Usplash Themes by Embrace 198 comments

no way to download it without registering on that site?! -.- - Jan 21 2007
the real linux

Wallpaper Other by spectron 3 comments

this really sucks :D
Nothing personal, you're definitly not an artist... =) - Jan 19 2007

Wallpaper Other by b3nny 2 comments

I voted "good" but how about inserting a small preview as well? O.ò - Jan 18 2007
Ubuntu in blue flames

Wallpapers Ubuntu by xadap 8 comments

how did you obtain those effect? any gimp script? It looks great! O.O - Jan 17 2007
Bad Penguin

Wallpaper Other by xactive 9 comments

lol ok I must admit you're right...
- Jan 15 2007
Bad Penguin

Wallpaper Other by xactive 9 comments

how could penguins and bears been in the same place? ones live in the north pole, the others in the south pole...
O.ò - Jan 14 2007

GTK2 Themes by agentdunken 19 comments

I'm trying to make my gnome looking like macosx and this was one of my preferred theme to make it. Otherwise (even if your work is really hot! And telling "really", I mean "really!" :P) one of the things I don't like so much is that the windows titles (such as Nautilus, i.e.) are separated from the menu (as well from the content) by a grey line.. Without linking any other themes, I think that in Macosx they're all-in-one... Isn't it? Maybe it's just me, I've never used macosx ;)
Anyway, again, congratulations! This is one of the best theme around!
- Jan 12 2007
Gentoo Power Grey

Wallpaper Other by xactive 1 comment

This picture makes me feel crazy!! O.O My eyes drove me mad!! I'm hypnotized! LOL - Jan 12 2007
GDM Theme - Linux Background

GDM Themes by sircrow 3 comments

Changelog: Penguin Changed
Penguin Changed?? What happened to the other penguin?? Hope everything's ok.. :P
Otherwise greenpeace won't be happy at all! LOL
- Jan 11 2007
Feeling Lazy

Beryl/Emerald Themes by rubasu 1 comment

I like it but you see the text in the titlebar (as the icon) is just too close to the bottom border, in my opinion... - Jan 09 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by vladstudio 3 comments

Lol maybe he has been hypnotized himself!! =) - Jan 08 2007
linux fuel

Wallpaper Other by tripod4 7 comments

MayB it's my fault and I didn't catch the sense of your wallpaper... Do I have to turn my head 90° CW?? Please tell me!! This wallpaper is driving me mad! :P
LOL - Dec 22 2006
Gnome Orb

Wallpapers Gnome by inane 3 comments

Well, I like your background but I see it's good with a dark panel... Can u please share with us the black panel background please? I know it's just a png image but it's quite hard for me to open GIMP and make it by myself.. LOL - Dec 21 2006