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uri shabtay Jerusalem, Israel

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Oct 27 2019
hey Jean,

empathy refuses to relax with icons issues.. see for yourself - the smile icons, when used in a conversation - are extremely HUGE.. :)

hope you won't get pissed ..

thanks again

Uri - Jun 17 2010
i'll do my best.. (no international credit card yet.. :) )

also, i noticed a couple of things for the next version:
1. UbuntuOne 'V' icon (like in the default theme, showing all synced files.. like in DropBox that works out-of-the-box)
2. Chromium icon (i know you made one, but it isn't shown, even on 10.04 RC)
3. Empathy blah blah.. :P
4. Software Center icons for 'Fonts' and 'Themes and Tweaks'

cheers - Apr 24 2010
hey Jean,

as always -- great theme.

there an issue with Empathy icons.. there REALLY big.. Ubuntu Mono default theme, as a comparison, works ok..

other than that, the updated 2.30.2 version isn't available for download.. or at least the version number isn't written there..
My Chrome and Midori icons were updated, yet Chromium wasn't.. (and i noticed you made one in the App folder within the theme..)

in anyhow, great work! keep it up

Uri - Apr 22 2010
it'll be a whole lot easier to keep track (although it isn't that hard updating :P ) - Apr 14 2010
hey Jean,

remember we talked about gnote icon? if you don't i'll remind you, and add another request about goldendict.

can you please update the gnote icon to be identical to the tomboy icon?

also, there's goldendict (both are in the software center) which is a great alternative to stardict. could you make the icon the same as stardict only in yellow?

thanks in advance.. GREAT theme :)!!

Uri - Nov 02 2009
great to hear !! Karmic Beta works great on my testing machine. the Released version is going to be awesome :) - Oct 16 2009
hey again,

can you "paste" the tomboy icon into the gnote icon? they're practically the same, and i believe tomboy will be replaced in the future with gnote..

thanks again! - Jul 27 2009
you're the man!!

the Stardict icon look great! :) - Jul 24 2009
great theme, can u also add a stardict icon..?

thanks - Jun 04 2009

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Nov 13 2011
i find this theme simple and easy on the eyes.. very nice! i'm not thrilled with the icons, so i kept my favourite Buuf icon set.

in anyhow, thanks alot! - Feb 06 2010

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by jlue
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Aug 02 2017
I'm glad I'm not the only one.. :)

same bug, exactly as you described, with Google Earth. - Oct 06 2009
disclaimer: this is the BEST cursor theme IMHO and i've been using it for 3 years now..

after noticing a red color was added to the cursors, i tried it, and i really like it.

one small issue is when pressing (in order to drag) the title bar. when done, a BIG yellow hand replaced the normal red hand (in my case, a small red hand).

in all other colors -- no such bug.

thanks in advance.. :) - Sep 22 2009

by jlue

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Apr 18 2010

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by MadMax2000

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Feb 06 2010

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by OxayotlTheGreat

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Jun 08 2009