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wacom tablet

System Software by Etric 267 comments

I just set up a new machine with Centos 7 and KDE. I built this from scratch because it did not come with the install, but I cannot for the life of me get the UI. I can see the project is building fine, but I can't tell if everything is put in the right places or if this version is just incompatible with my system. I can give you a build log if you need it. The only part I can get is the detection tool (tablet finder). From what I have read, kcm-wacomtablet is not loading in kded4. My tablet (intuos4) is recognized out of the box and I can technically use xsetwacom if I need, but I need profiles to support my Cintiq alongside it. I don't know what commands you need to give more detailed information, but these are the versions of the packages I have:

libwacom 0.8.3
libwacom-data 0.8.3
xorg-x11-drv-wacom 0.23.0-6
wacomtablet 2.1.0 (tagged)
kernel 3.10.0-229.4.2
qt 4.8.5-8
kde 4.10.5

I tried building xf86-input-wacom from source, but that just gave me xsetwacom, which already detects my hardware. Plus, rebuilding and installing wacomtablet on top of that didn't help. I have time to mess around with it, but I've already been beating my head into the keyboard for the last six hours. - May 23 2015