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@rjungman thanks for the return.
I apologize if I'm not being clear, I'm using the Google translator.
What I'm saying is that for programs like: Chrome, Telegram, GIMP the icon for the Suru theme does not appear when the application is open on the taskbar, only the default application icon appears.
What I'm asking for is a way to force the Suru theme icon in these apps, is there a way? - Mar 01 2020
Thanks for the answer ...
I use Suru ++.
Yes, there are icons in the package, but they do not appear in the top bar of xubuntu 18.04 when they are open, only the standard program icons (eg chrome, vlc, telegram ...)
Would there be any way to forward print? - Feb 28 2020
10 the best - Feb 28 2020
Incredible work, congratulations ... I made a donation to motivate you.
I just have a question, how do I apply the theme in the programs that are in the taskbar of xubuntu 18.04
Ex: Chrome, GIMP, VLC?
Thanks - Feb 28 2020
10   Feb 28 2020
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