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Ivoje Neotreut Montevideo, Uruguay

KDE 4 Splashscreens by ivoje 4 comments

Thanks for your comment Janet. You're right, I forgot to include the readme file. Sorry. I'll do an update for add this.
You need deploy the layer groups of logos. Inside, you can find the color versions.
Unfortunately my monitor supports a maximum resolution of 1440x900. I will not be able to revise your position problem to adjust. But you can try adjusting the files named "Ivoje-22N2013-KDM-Splash-preload1.png, ...preload2.png, ...preload3.png, and so on, within the directory 1440x900, to your resolution . Maybe you not achieve the best result.
You can try to scale the image from the original xcf file, and re-export these layers. Surely you will get better results by creating your own file set to your resolution. You see it's not complicated.
Also need to create a directory named according to your resolution and copy the files there. And edit the description.txt file, that is where the preload of images are specified.
Another option is do Autocrop layer, of "preload" named layers, export and edit the positions in description.txt file. I let the size layers of the size image so they could make auto scaled, but clearly with a higher resolution like yours that is a problem.
Sorry for my poor english, not is my native language. - Nov 30 2013

KDM4 Themes by ivoje 2 comments

Thank you ImperfectLink ... I'm working on it. Maybe tomorrow I'll push an update - Nov 20 2013