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Yellow car

Wallpaper Other by ipero 4 comments

Concerning the car: I guess I know what you mean. 1:18 shrinks the coolness factor by at least 1:18. Won't impress the blondes.

Concerning NFS: Wine actually spoils the coolness factor as well.

Regards - Ben. - Jan 27 2006
Yellow car

Wallpaper Other by ipero 4 comments

This one reminds me of a certain Jamiroquai music video. Furthermore, the battered traffic sign in the background provides a nice kind of contrast.

BTW: Hope they are going to port "Need for Speed" to Linux soon... - Jan 06 2006
*Kill Bill*

Wallpaper Other by Chaaun 41 comments

For more than two years I've been visiting regularly. "Kill Bill" gained my attention from the very first day. This is one of the greatest wallpapers I've ever seen! - Dec 04 2005
Fiat 850

Wallpaper Other by renato 2 comments

I suggest you'd better go into reverse. Just imagine everyone would send crappy photo snapshots instead of stylish wallpapers. It's, not! - Dec 04 2005
Linux Box

Wallpaper Other by izoom 4 comments

King-size Linux Box available now. Please have a look at the 1280x1024 section. - Dec 18 2004