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Plasma 5 Calendars by Zren 622 comments

great widget but i cant figure why when i set an event or reminder with the alert set (in google) to be some time before that actual start time it does not alert me. If it can't respect googles reminders and when they are set to notify i cant use it. I could put all my events etc hours or days before they actually are so i get a pre-notification when i want them but it all gets too messy i.e. so i've been alerted that something is coming up but because i set the actual event a day or two before it actually is i would need to figure what the actual real start time/day was supposed to be since i dont use the same advanced notification timing for everything. Also would need a sleep/postpone with variable delay on the alerts to. Nice work thou , shall keep an eye on it. Thx. - Dec 19 2017
Mar 02 2018