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Jack Holborn , France
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Gnome Shell Themes

GTK3 Themes 53 comments

Score 75.4%
May 09 2012
I love this themes so much I was very disappointed when I saw folders Tabs/ and Others/ are missing from the gtk-2 part of your theme. Would you mind adding them back please? files tabs.rc and gtkrc ask for them - Nov 27 2012

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

Score 63.3%
Feb 11 2010
I agree, I love the overall feeling of this theme, it integrates very well as one wishes with E17. Did you manage to fix button in openoffice? I see the navigation bar button are black on black too. I'm trying to fix them for myself but you wrote in your README that you wanted to be the maintainer so I put my 2 cents here.
again, great work! - Nov 10 2012
malys - uniSEX

GTK3 Themes 23 comments

Score 74.4%
May 31 2012
Using the gray version, it seems gtk-3 scrollbars are invisible... or is it me? - Mar 23 2012
malys - universal

GTK3 Themes 32 comments

Score 74.8%
May 26 2012
Did I forgot to mention how to apply it? Yes I did... so you just put [patchfile] and original file in the same directory and then:
$ patch <[patchfile] - Feb 19 2012
This has stopped giving me errors, hope it helps... - Feb 17 2012
I really liked this theme, so I'd like to send you a patch that corrects some syntax errors in gtk-widget.css. But it seems I can't attach it here... - Feb 15 2012

Full Icon Themes 10 comments

Score 80.0%
Jan 01 2012
the link redirects me to a dowload site where i have to pay for a registration? is this a GPL joke? - Dec 30 2011

Gnome Shell Themes 7 comments

Score 74.0%
Dec 25 2011
Enjoy! - Dec 19 2011
I'm afraid I can definitely not remember where I found this picture. But I guess I extracted it from an e17 theme because it's what I used to do as an exercice. Unfortunately recent versions of edje_decc don't work with old e17 theme versions so i put it here:
Be warned that this link won't last because I have limited bandwith, or maybe you know of another way to distribute it? - Dec 18 2011
Thank you very much. - Dec 16 2011