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jaguar wan
Kopete Reloading Kit Grey Theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Wuddja 3 comments

Your wallpaper is really beautiful, would you mind to tell where did you find it ? - Dec 23 2006
KDE Moon

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by michao 3 comments

This is a very nice splashscreen, but I think it would be simpler to bundle the monochrome icons with it (they indeed look prettier).

Thank you very much :) - Aug 27 2006
Serial Experiments Lain Splash 2

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Korosu 2 comments

Use this one: - Aug 11 2006

Network by George666 199 comments

Hello, the rc1 breaks when I try to compile it from source, rightly complaining about not finding kt::downloadedchunkbar.h and two other ones in infowidgetbase.cpp.

I patched the infowidgetbase.ui file and it compiles (and runs) nicely on my box now.

patch -l infowidgetbase.ui << 'EOF'
< <includehint>kt::downloadedchunkbar.h</includehint>
< <includehint>kt::availabilitychunkbar.h</includehint>
< <includehint>kt::floatspinbox.h</includehint>
> <includehint>downloadedchunkbar.h</includehint>
> <includehint>availabilitychunkbar.h</includehint>
> <includehint>floatspinbox.h</includehint>

I run Slackware-current with gcc 3.4.6 and qt 3.3.6.

Thank you very much for KTorrent, it is very nice to finally have a great bittorrent application for KDE :D

Have a nice day :) - Jul 18 2006

Full Icon Themes by tlacuilo 26 comments

I use it as my main icon theme now, it is really nice and polished :) - Mar 01 2006
Painting Desktop

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by kness 20 comments

Arf, nothing ironic here, just bad english... I really think this theme is great, and thank you for releasing it. - Oct 25 2005
Painting Desktop

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by kness 20 comments

especially the desktop screenshot :) - Oct 17 2005

Wallpaper Other by mankeletor 7 comments

I'd love a 1280x1024 version ! - Jun 30 2005

Chat & Messenging by Sho 91 comments

This is a very good IRC client, I use it instead of xchat now :) - Apr 18 2005

Screensavers by icwiener 32 comments

I am running Slackware 10 w/ KDE 3.3 and it works just fine. However, I had to add a #include <time.h> to your source in order to achieve the compilation. Great work anyway :) - Oct 07 2004