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Joey Lowe
Plasma Color Schemes
Cool Effect

Kwin Effects 26 comments

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Mar 07 2014
It generally a smooth plugin animation, i like it :)

However i think i would like it just on tooltips, and menus, its SUPER smooth.
I don't really care for it on the windows themselves. - Aug 13 2013
Dark Ambiance

Plasma Color Schemes 5 comments

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Oct 17 2012
Those are add-ons not related to the color scheme.

Get extra widgets and search for "panels" this is your global menu.

However the Desktop theme is called "Ambiance".

Have a look at this short clip i made, will show how i pulled everything together to create the look in the screenshot

Hope this explains :)

- Aug 26 2012
Apologies, i guess something went wrong with the upload- glad you like it :D

I am using the FS icons which may be found here - Aug 19 2012