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Karl Stein , France
Alienware Invader

Cursors by oliverstalker 1 comment

I have an Alienware, thx you to have converted it to Linux. - Apr 19 2010

Wallpaper Other by jalik 5 comments

Nice, i've uploaded both files on, that's a cool stuff, thank you for the tips ! - Apr 06 2010

Wallpaper Other by jalik 5 comments

Thank you very much !! I have another version without the wires in the wind but i can't upload on site site cause it's limited to one file, if you guys would like to get it, tell me ;-) - Apr 06 2010

GDM Themes by jalik 4 comments

Thank you! I really enjoyed making it, but I don't know what to do to improve it..
However after months I still use it without having been bored.. so maybe there's nothing to change more..?

I'm happy for you and the ~2000 peoples (at this time) who downloaded and use it. - Apr 06 2009
Ubuntu Matrix

Wallpapers Ubuntu by thetoothpick 2 comments

Woaw.. very nice wallpaper, it's well done and really equilibrated.. you understood everything man!! - Feb 16 2009
Configure Hydroxygen

Icon Sub-Sets by syco 41 comments

I haven't tried yet, but it's a good initiative and a very useful program for who wants to customize his desktop quickly & easily.. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.. if your improve it and keep updating it, I'm sure it will be one of the best theme customizing tool under .deb's Linux OSes.. - Feb 14 2009
Linux cycles

Wallpaper Other by jum 5 comments

now it's PERFECT, users can use it freely and graphists like you and me can improve it (if improving is possible ;)
otherwise, nice reactivity, you deserve our encouragements for the next! go on man (girl!?) - Jan 16 2009
Linux cycles

Wallpaper Other by jum 5 comments

great, really great, simple, glossy and RED!! this wallpaper is cool and nice, good work, I have only one bad thing to say, it's about the dowload of 4MB for a wallpaper, you should split the wallpaper and the sources & brushes or if you can't, only release the wallpaper because not everyone needs the sources.. it's just a suggestion, so think about it.
Thanks again - Jan 15 2009
Linux cycles

Wallpaper Other
by jum

Jan 17 2009