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James Snell Calgary, Canada
In the shadow of the stars

Wallpaper Other by ingkabuto 6 comments

That's such a wicked picture!
WELL DONE! :) - Oct 05 2003
Gnu's Fork

Wallpaper Other by nicodache 7 comments

Good one! Take care,
-J - Apr 15 2003

Wallpaper Other by nicodache 1 comment

Muy bueno! Nice wallpaper, though, it's pretty extreme in it's contrasting colours.. Thumbs up all the same.

-J - Apr 15 2003

Wallpaper Other by rtgwbmsr 4 comments

Nice image, pretty standard issue stuff, but it's relaxing all the same.
-J - Apr 10 2003
Anna in Love 2

Wallpaper Other by slartibartfass 5 comments

I think Anna is adorable and that even though she likely doesn't understand how wonderful her friend Tux is, I see no harm in having your child appear to be in love with a great OS.

No, just imagine if we could catch a picture of Gate's kids in that kind of situation.. oohh yea!

-J - Apr 10 2003