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Aug 11 2006
i am not sure what's wrong in this case. what if you try another movie? what is full name of file you are trying to convert? is there space-character in it? in file and path name can not be spaces.
mencoder didn't started correctly..

jan - Jul 08 2006
i don't know why...
1)do you have mencoder,mplayer and dvdauthor in your system (sytem path)?

2)if you are including subtitles into dvd, did you copied arial.ttf into ~/.spumux directory ?

3)have you enough disk space??

4)if your video file contains spaces in file name, rename it, or make symlink.

jan cerny - Jul 02 2006
Hi Piero, i am using replex only with movies, which have size 720x576(PAL).. in other sizes (even 704x576) i am using mencoder.

you have to find your way to encode video. if replex give bad results to you, try to use mencoder.

-replex is much faster, but is not for every .ts streams.
-mencoder is slower, but if you specify right options, you'll get good results. i hope.. ;-)

jan - Jun 03 2006
it looks, like problem is fixed now.
bitcrazy has the same problem like you, and it is ok now.

try to download version 0.3m

ps: there is right now some problem with my server, so try it bit later. i hope, that server will be ok. :o)

let me know what's new

jan - Jun 01 2006
Hi Luis!
look here...

i thing, that this ilustrates everything.

jan - Jun 01 2006
Divilinux, i think, that you are doing something wrong.

you probably installed this program by typing `make install` and now you are trying to start this application from "installation directory".

Do that:
open your console, change directory where aplication's sources are. then cd to src subdirectory (yes, here is the binary build of program!) and start program by typing ./ts2dvd

it must!! work

jan - Jun 01 2006
i am not sure where is your problem, but , try to edit header file 'ts2dvd.h'

at line number 33 find this:

class Ts2Dvd : public Form1

and change that, so look like this:

class Ts2Dvd : public Form1{

i only guess, while your compiler needed to be class name before bracked... - Jun 01 2006
i didn't understood what you meant. If you want to send your translation to me, it's ok. I will add your translation to ts2dvd.
thank you :-)

jan - May 31 2006
do not start `make install`, just start the app from source directory. - May 30 2006
i was trying to make and make install, then copy of binary was placed in `/usr/local/kde/bin/`. i executed it from there and that is wrong. it could not to find language files and icons, they remains in source directory. so you have to run this from directory, where it was build.

do not start `make install`, just start the app from source directory. - May 30 2006
google01103, I've uploaded new tarball, try that. In the same directory, where you have got compiled program, you should have two language files, ts2dvd_cs.qm and ts2dvd_en.qm

configuration file for language is `$HOME/.ts2dvd/lang.conf` and it contains word of `cs` or `en`, if language is czech or english.

for your information: I compiled this program on livecd linux, and it starts with english language...

jan - May 30 2006
please, try to download 0.3i version. in error messages you posted, it looks, like `system` is not defined. I included header file, which could fix it. - May 30 2006
it's strange. on my machine it works and language is switched normally.

google01103, what version of Qt library do you have?

can you contact me via Icq?? my UIN:73869599

this is my first program in C++. i thing, that this program is usefull, and i want it, to be perfect.
jan - May 30 2006
this message, what you see, says, that language will be changed after aplication's restart.

ps: let me know, if it works or no.
i've tested it on my linux and on knoppix livecd and it works. - May 30 2006
yes, this is untranslated string in czech, which meant "Language will be changed after program restart"

i am sorry, but my english is bad, and i translated whole application myself. and some strings (not so important) are yet untranslated.

jan - May 29 2006
and now? with 0.3h version?

there was some character ('\040'), which is bad for your compiler, my mandriva x86_64 compiled it well.

i tryed to fix that error, please, try to download newer version(0.3h) and compile it once again.

jan - May 29 2006