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Dec 15 2019
It's fixed now, I updated all files here and also the repo (compiling script) - Dec 15 2019
Please take a look in Yaru's source:
It seems that these images are supposed to be missing. Look at lines 403-405:
# QGtkStyle (used for Qt apps) *always* assumes scrollbars have
# arrows, so configure these here. Gtk2 apps will atually ignore
# this. "

Also take a look inside of the assets.txt which is the file index for compiling the png's. There are no scrollbar-arrow-[*].png so they can't be in my theme since I'm using this as source. I don't know why they're missing, I opened an issue on Yaru's source git for this.

For now, your solution is the best for everyone who needs this, since it's just Qt related. I'll update Yaru-Colors when I've an answer from Yaru developers. - Dec 15 2019
Thanks, I'll fix this and comment again when done. It's not the install script, it seems that these images are missing when compiling the png from the source svg. - Dec 15 2019
Do they work with stock Yaru? - Dec 12 2019
Thank you. I'll try to keep it up as long as I can. Next project will be a fully colored version like "federicofavale" suggested but it'll take some time. - Dec 05 2019
Updated to 2.3.1 which fixes this issue. Please redownload the pack or your desired theme. - Dec 05 2019
Every update a new issue... I'll take a look over it and update again, soon. Thanks for the information! - Dec 05 2019
Classic is called Default now - it's part of todays 2.1 release!
- Nov 04 2019
I updated the theme! - Sep 21 2019
I'll update the theme soon including the new light theme. But I don't know if I'm able to create it for xfwm4 since I don't have any experience in theming xfce. but I'll try! - Sep 19 2019
Puh, and I thought I need to find a workaround by myself...just kidding. I'm glad, that it's working for you now and thank you for the reply.
I always put my themes in /use/share/themes. It need root privileges and most of the Linux cracks would burn me for this but I never had any issues with this. - Sep 13 2019
That sounds good. Thanks.
But if the stock yaru theme works with Double Commander but mine does not, it has to be an issue with Yaru-Colors. Maybe you and the Marwaita Dev team find the issue quickly, then I'll fix it.

If I remember correctly, Ubuntu will update the yaru theme with 19.10's release, so I'll update Yaru-Colors as well. - Sep 12 2019
Hi, thanks for the comment. I didn't work on the theme for the last months but I'll try to find out what's wrong here. I just used the original Yaru theme by Ubuntu and modified the colors, nothing else. Maybe it's just an GTK2 issue but I'm not sure about this since I don't have much knowledge about GTK themes. I'll let you know if I could fix it. - Sep 12 2019
Dark notifcations is in the works, when I've the time for it. It's time consuming but I'll release a Yaru-Colors-"Night" theme pack, but I don't know when. The idea is great and you're not the first one who mentioned this.

The colors of the close button are in the same shade as stock Yaru, but I'll take a look over it and maybe update it after the easter weekend ;) - Apr 17 2019
I used the source of Ubuntus original Yaru theme, so it doesn't support MATE, only Gnome. The Yaru-MATE theme is just a MATE styled one, not a theme for MATE.
They won't show up in MATEs theme manager, because they don't support Metacity. That's also the reason why the taskbar won't get themed.

I missed to edit the index files for the icons, apparently, I'll fix it. I didn't notice this, maybe because they're no issues with gnome.

I already found out what's wrong with MATE and Metacity and how to fix this. It's possible but it's very hard and time consuming work. Maybe I'll create Yaru-Colors for MATE later, maybe not.

I thought about a Teal theme, but forgot it, some how. Aqua is the nearest to teal, I'll add this, for sure...thanks for this.
Orange isn't available for Yaru-Colors, because it's the stock theme (also Gnome, only).
If I create MATE support, I'll add stock Yaru, too. - Apr 11 2019

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Mar 22 2020
Thank you very much! - Feb 03 2019
I forgot to ask for another icon: Arduino IDE including for .ino files. - Jan 25 2019
Next step: repo for updates...would be great, I don't know how much work this is. After 3 weeks I have to say: best icon pack ever! - Jan 25 2019
Great! I used the icons now a bit longer and need to say, that this is one of the best theme I've ever used on Linux! I used Flat Remix for a long time but yours is better. Very nice work! - Jan 04 2019
+ - Jan 04 2019
Great theme, something fresh and new but not as funky as others. Can you add VLC and Franz, please? - Jan 03 2019

Full Icon Themes
by vinceliuice

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9   Jan 04 2019