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jan sverre bauge

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Jul 18 2012
thank you alot. Wow now this ubuntu is sooo eye-candy I just open windows and watch menu items bounde :D

Thank you again for the mix and for all your excellent help :D - Mar 15 2009
hi thanks for that info however as I unerstand that is for the windows.. and that is working perfectly here :) What I need is the bottom line with firefox icon and all other running apps to bee cool like in your screenshots.. Sorry for my bad english :s - Mar 15 2009
Hello. Really love this look. However.. I am very new to linux and I have managed to get the windows and effects in place, but I can't get that nice bottom bar to show :( What needs to be done to get that nice bottom panel icons you have in your screenshots instead of the dull standard panel? :) hopy someone can be of help :) - Mar 14 2009