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Joseph Tanner
Not stolen!

Wallpaper Other by Maui15 24 comments

You're correct. The work does not need to be formally marked to be covered under the law as it was prior to '89.

It's still a good practice. Personally, I mark my work because it makes things much clearer. Clearer to those that wish to take what's not theirs, and clearer to defend my position in event there's copyright infringement.

Just my $0.02 anyway.

-jap - Dec 01 2003
Not stolen!

Wallpaper Other by Maui15 24 comments

Maui has utilized a common-law mark. It *is* legal under US copyright law.

Simply putting a proper mark on his work, (which he did), *does* give him legal recourse in event his work is utilized beyond what he desires.

Don't be fooled into thinking there's no teeth in the copyright law. If you copy material which you don't own, it is actionable.

Perhaps I misunderstood. Were you talking about US *Copyright* law, or your own "copy*write*" creedo. It makes me wonder what you're thinking. You actually think it's fine to take someone else's talented blood sweat and tears, (which you perhaps don't posses), and call it *yours*?

Anyway, Maui has marked his work, as is his *right*. Obviously, as a reminder of what the alternative is to "sharing".

Do you *really* want this particular wallpaper anyway? I'm assuming future works which Maui submits to this venue will not carry the mark. He'll just keep his better works private, as maybe you should with your comments? - Nov 30 2003