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Angus Thermopile , United Kingdom
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Ubo Icons Theme

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by ubo
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Aug 28 2017
Impressive and different. Looks great! :) - May 28 2010

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Jan 19 2008
Hi Henry! thanks for the comments it's appreciated.

Yeah of course have at it and you can post your results anywhere you like. You don't need to send it to me first.

I would like to see anything you come up with though so if you give me a link to it once you put it up somewhere, that's be great.

Cheers! - Jun 12 2008
Cheers! Maybe I'll manage a colourful one some day. :D - Jan 21 2008

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Dec 28 2007
Thank you Spookykid! :)

Yeah I know it's a bit dull but it fitted in nicely with my overall desktop look.

Plus I'm not that amazing at making colour schemes.

Maybe I'll try make it in different colours at some point. - Dec 10 2007
Thanks very much Binz it's very much appreciated. As it's the first one I've ever made.

I should have said in the description, which I'll alter, that it was based off the RastaGrrl GDM theme -

With the Authors kind permission. - Dec 09 2007

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by trastes

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9   Apr 27 2013